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There is a point where the personal realization of being associated with a particular label or group is evident.  In the case of this blog, it is an association with being a dedicated Jackie Evancho Fan.  For me, this increasingly occurred over a gradual progression of time ever since I saw Jackie perform on America’s Got Talent in 2010.  It wasn’t long before I reached a point where I realized that I am indeed a fan, not just the every day run of the mill fan, but a truly dedicated fan that wants to be part of something great – following the music and career of Jackie Evancho.  It has been over a year now since that realization occurred, and I can say that I have been greatly enriched because of it.

Never before in my 49 years have I ever considered myself a dedicated fan for anyone like I have been for Jackie.  What was the turning point that brought me to where I am now?  Hard to say for sure, but the number of elements that have pushed me to this level have piled up over the last 12 months.  I have given this some thought and have tried to come up with reasons why I have developed such a strong dedication to being a fan of Jackie.  Here is my attempt at putting together a list of some of the tangible elements that have contributed to my dedication:

  • The kindhearted nature that Jackie continually shows towards everyone around her.
  • Jackie’s joyful good-nature.
  • The songs that Jackie sings and the way she sings them is very emotionally meaningful.
  • Jackie’s profession of her faith in God and the thankful heart that she has for her gift coming from God.
  • Myself being a Catholic, I am drawn in to Jackie’s commitment to her own Catholic faith.
  • I am very moved that Jackie sings some songs that are connected to her faith.
  • The short video clip of Jackie praying before her concert in Japan is very endearing to me.
  • The positive energy that seems to emanate from Jackie is truly contagious and it shows from the good-natured fans that follow her.
  • The fans that are drawn in to Jackie and the commonalities that I have with many of them regarding Jackie have been very gratifying. Many fans have helped me to come to an understand of my own thoughts and feelings towards being such a committed fan.
  • The structure of Jackie’s family is very similar to my own. I may not have a child superstar in the midst of my own children, but I cherish the family that I have. Seeing video clips and pictures of Jackie’s family helps to reinforce my own family values.
  • The caring nature that Jackie shows towards animals and all living creatures both big and small.
  • Jackie seems very humble and shows a wonderful sense of humility.
  • I really admire the way Mike and Lisa Evancho (Jackie’s parents) have kept their family grounded with all of the probable pressures that surround them to change their ways regarding Jackie’s career. They have remained steadfast and true to their ideals regarding Jackie.
  • The willingness of Mike and Lisa Evancho to participate in on-line forums and discussions with fans as a community of people who care for Jackie and one another.  The society of people whom have formed around Jackie’s career is very special.
  • Attending a live performance and seeing the incredible stage presence that Jackie exhibits, in addition to the caring interaction she has with her audience.
  • Seeing the joy that Jackie experiences when performing.  She truly loves singing for people and it really shows.

As you can see from the list above, there is so much that I have discovered about Jackie that has solidified my position as being the committed fan that I have become. The list continually grows and I am sure I will be able to easily add to it.

Around this time last year I discovered the YouTube video that really energized my interest in Jackie, and that was the PBS Great Performances clip of “Nessun Dorma”. Yes… I did see Jackie perform on AGT in 2010, and I thought she was fantastic, but that was not the main spark that got me into the dedicated fan arena. When I heard Jackie sing “Nessun Dorma” five months later on YouTube, it was like a spiritual light switch went on inside of me as tears were running down my cheeks. After that, I started the Internet quest to discover more music and information about Jackie. The more I found, the more I came to admire her.  Every song she sings is filled with sincere emotion and it touches your heart with joy.  There are many others out there who are just like me.  There is something good going on with Jackie Evancho and I hope others who are unfamiliar with her will do their own research to discover all the wonderful things that I and all of her existing fans have come to know and love.

Jackie will be releasing a new CD this fall.  She will also be featured on a new PBS Great Performances special titled “Music of the Movies” that is due to air sometime in August.  Consult your local PBS broadcast affiliate for exact dates and times.

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