maxresdefault[1]This blog is dedicated to offer words of admiration for a very talented singer named Jackie Evancho.  In addition, this blog will contain links to information, videos, and pictures to help connect the reader with Jackie.  I welcome all fans and admirers to contribute respectful comments and / or experiences that they have to share.  I believe that it is important to celebrate this wonderful person.  She is an incredible singer and has a charming personality.  She also has a great gift from God – an incredible singing voice.

As the author of this blog I will give you a bit of insight into who I am.  I am just a regular person who goes to work every day and comes home to a wonderful family.  I am a Software Engineer by trade.  However, I hold a Bachelor of Music Education degree.  I understand that is a strange combination, but that is another story.  My first love has always been with listening and performing music, but Software Engineering pays the bills.  I am excited about each of these aspects of who I am, whether I am working on a software project or performing as Principal Clarinetist with the concert band that I play in; I do the best that I can at both and approach each with equal passion.  In addition, I consider myself a devoted husband and father who is inspired by God throughout my day.  I have grown into a deep love of my relationship with God and embrace my Catholic faith as part of that relationship.  It is in this faith that I draw upon for my views on life in recognition of the awesome gifts that God reveals to me every day.

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  1. Sam Ennis
    Oct 07, 2012 @ 20:08:27

    Now have two sets of the Target, deluxe editions in my posession. One for pure blis in listening pleasure and one for posterities sake. Never to be opened and kept in a safe place. Happiness is: Listening to Jackie Evancho sing. 🙂 ((W)) ((W))


    • varnk
      Oct 07, 2012 @ 20:24:53

      Sam. I have 4 of the Deluxe edition CDs – Two opened and two unopened. That CD is getting harder and harder to find and is my favorite CD in the whole series of DWM media. I just hope I don’t wear it out from playing it so much. 🙂


  2. Anonymous
    Oct 24, 2012 @ 17:46:58

    I absolutely love Jackie Evancho!! If I could preach her name as much as the Gospel, I would, and intend to do just that!! To me Jackie brightens up anyone’s day and evening with her music I am so grateful for her!! Varnk, next time you see her in person, please say hello from “Robbie”.


  3. Francis
    Mar 26, 2013 @ 11:30:35

    Thank You for such a wonderful site. I think Jackie must be the most grand-parented child on the face of the earth and I’m just as guilty as any-one else. It’s difficult to say anything about Jackie that hasn’t already been eloquently expressed by others. But “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast ordained strength……” probably says it all for me because …You (Jackie) rescued me…..


  4. Jeff
    May 12, 2013 @ 22:52:18

    Anyone with ears to hear is instantly moved by this young ladie’s voice, poise, and expressions. I remember her saying in an interview that at times she feels possessed by an angel who helps her sing. I choose to believe that she once directed heavenly choirs; did such a good job at it that God allowed her to keep her heavenly voice here on earth.


    • varnk
      May 13, 2013 @ 21:16:44

      Thanks for the comment Jeff. Jackie has actually said that she is “possessed by the music.” This could be interpreted in many ways. However, keep in mind that Jackie has said that before she goes on stage she says a prayer thanking God for her gift and asking Him to be with her on stage and sing with her. Thus, the “possession” she describes could be interpreted as God responding to her prayer request.


    • Masa
      Jan 24, 2014 @ 21:29:43

      The spirit that joins Jackie on stage is the spirit of an opera singer by the name of Helga Meyer Bullock. Helga died of cancer in 2000 just a few days before Jackie was born. Helga’s oldest daughter, Sandra, used to join her on stage when she sang opera in Austria. Helga died before she could have seen her daughter receive an Oscar for the movie “Blind Side”.


      • varnk
        Jan 24, 2014 @ 22:25:57

        Jackie has often been referred to being “an old soul.” I believe that Jackie has been blessed with an incredible gift from God. She has talent beyond her years. She is also a very humble and compassion person. Keep in mind that Jackie does not really consider herself an opera singer, although she sings with an operatic-like voice at times. Her music genre is actually Classical Crossover – a combination of singing classical music rearranged to be in somewhat of a pop style, and vice-versa.

  5. Steven Carter
    May 18, 2013 @ 17:22:28

    I believe it would be an extraordinary project for Jackie to work on. Jackie’s musical interpretations already embody a spiritual quality of the highest caliber. For her to select and sing some of the world’s great spiritual songs would no doubt produce the greatest collection of vocal music ever done. I fully support all efforts to have her recording label convinced to support such a project. I think the recording should include great spiritual music from all over the world that praises the one God from which all emminates.


    • varnk
      May 19, 2013 @ 21:56:35

      Jackie had posted a tweet in which she indicated that she would like to do a sacred CD. I am definitely in favor of this. Jackie has done some sacred songs already. She makes it a point to sing The Lord’s Prayer on all of her concerts. When Jackie sings songs like this, I believe the angels in Heaven are smiling in joyful celebration!


  6. Jeff
    Jun 06, 2013 @ 23:46:41

    Hello Varnk, Jeff here again. I appreciate your reply to my initial comment and made me think, was I just imagining things? That Jackie Evanco didn’t say that she was possessed by an angel? Hmm, so I looked and I looked and tonight finally I found it again. She actually says that “An Angel Has Taken Over Me”. She says this in one of the clips of her singing for Brittain’s Got Talent, and she is interviewed by Simon Cowell at the end. He even shakes her brother’s hand as well. So I’m not crazy, she did talk about an angel overtaking her. I’m glad that I found it for my own sake!


  7. jamiegell
    Jun 20, 2013 @ 16:06:13


    I am contacting you about A Capitol Fourth, our nation’s biggest and brightest birthday celebration that airs on PBS Thursday, July 4, 2013 from 8:00 to 9:30 p.m. ET. The concert airs before an audience of hundreds of thousands, millions more at home, as well as to our troops serving around the world on the American Forces Network.

    This year, A Capitol Fourth will feature a performance by Jackie Evancho in addition to performances by Barry Manilow, Candice Glover, Scotty McCreery, Darren Criss, Megan Hilty, the Cast of Motown: The Musical and composer John Williams, who will be conducting music from the Oscar-winning film “Lincoln.”

    We think that our concert will greatly appeal to your readers about Jackie Evancho, and hope that you will write about our event!

    For more information including event photos and videos, here is a link to this year’s pressroom page: http://pressroom.pbs.org/Programs/c/A-CAPITOL-FOURTH-2013.aspx

    If you have any questions about this year’s concert or past events, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Thank you,

    Jamie Geller
    Capital Concerts


    • varnk
      Jun 20, 2013 @ 17:16:03

      Thanks for the message about the Capitol Fourth concert. I am well aware of this concert and the appearance of Jackie Evancho as a guest performer. I will certainly look into writing about the event.


  8. Charles Cavanaugh
    Jun 23, 2013 @ 06:09:28

    When I watched the video of Jackie Evancho singing Imaginer in her PBS special, I felt like I was kneeling at the altar of forgiveness. I just wept and after the rain of tears the sun came out. I never thought music could do that. Behind every note there are the experiences of a great old soul. I’m looking forward to seeing more her performances and to hear about how she moves into adulthood.


    • Steven Carter
      Jun 23, 2013 @ 18:43:24

      When one hears a voice like Jackie possesses there are actually no words to describe what you experience except transformational. For Jackie not only has a one of a kind voice she projects a power that only comes from the Divine. Most people that open themselves to what Jackie does find themselves transported to a place where time and space are no longer relavent concepts and only love of the purest unconditional kind exists. Jackie is truly this centuries and maybe of all times gift from the Divine to this world. I believe she may possess the key that moves many of us to a higher consciousness where war, poverty and greed no longer are accepted. God bless Jackie in all ways, always.


    • varnk
      Jun 23, 2013 @ 19:04:43

      Although many have reported similar reactions to Jackie’s music (myself included), Jackie’s parents have tried to keep a relative low-profile on this type of talk mainly to keep Jackie grounded and to prevent any undue pressure to be thrust upon her to live up to lofty spiritual expectations.

      I believe we are all called to be a conduit for God’s love in some way or another. Jackie gives us an example to follow so that we may find our own way to bring His love to the world. Sometimes we do this without even knowing it, and that is what I suspect may be the case with Jackie too. She affects people in a positive way by just being herself.


  9. Jeff
    Jul 08, 2013 @ 00:25:10

    Her talented voice truly can transport you somewhere where there is peace of mind and tranquility to be sure, and this 4th of July certainly was no exception to that experience. Thank you very much Jackie for wanting to do this, and for your family supporting you from the very first audition you ever gave.


  10. Mr.SG.
    Jul 11, 2013 @ 12:39:48

    I have near a doz. of the Target, deluxe editions, Do you think the value will go up.
    I’ll save them for special Jackie Fans.


    • varnk
      Jul 11, 2013 @ 21:19:11

      The Target Deluxe edition of Dream With Me is probably my favorite CD. Unfortunately, they are very hard to find in some areas. The Target store in my area does not carry it anymore. It is a shame because I think this CD greatly showcases Jackie. It can be purchased online, but the price has been going up. However, I doubt that it will ever have the same resale value as Prelude To A Dream because there are way more copies of Dream With Me Deluxe Edition out there than there are Prelude To A Dream.

      I have only 3 copies of the Deluxe Edition CD. I gave several of them away, but now I am hanging on to the last few that I have. They may or may not go up in value, but they are valuable to me.


    • bob
      Aug 20, 2013 @ 15:52:15

      Do you have any for sale?? Would love to buy one from you. Thanks


  11. Robin D. Bermanseder
    Jan 19, 2014 @ 07:11:31

    January 2014 and Jackie’s Sounds from the Silver Screen tour has ended.
    So whats the verdict? Where to next?
    From what I have heard and read, Jackie continues to improve, and has proven herself to the music industry as a true professional.


    • varnk
      Jan 19, 2014 @ 14:52:57

      Robin. Thanks for the comment. For 2014, there is talk of another PBS special and a new CD to be targeted for release in the Fall. From a standpoint of concert schedule, that is still unknown. Jackie will likely be involved in various projects and will be going into the recording studio. Her parents are very diligent with keeping her schedule balanced between home and career. Jackie loves the stage and will likely have concert tours sprinkled throughout the year.


  12. Norm
    Mar 17, 2014 @ 00:41:59

    Thankyou for starting this blog page.As a senior I really enjoy Jackie’s singing. It truly is a gift from God. It fascinates me . Please keep up the good work.


    • varnk
      Mar 17, 2014 @ 22:00:24

      Thanks for the kind words Norm. I will be attending an upcoming concert and will be submitting a post on this blog about my experience. Stay tuned.


  13. Darrell Curry
    Apr 05, 2014 @ 15:05:48

    You know, i love Jackie Evancho. She is the most talented and god gift talented singer in the whole wide world. And if i could see her in person, i’d tell her how a big fan i am of her singing. She touches my heart everywhere i go and i’d just want to thank god for putting her on this earth to touch everybody’s heart and especially mine with her voice. Jackie, you are amazing and i love you and mean that from the bottom of my heart. You have the worlds most god given voice that you touch my heart with. And god bless you, Jackie.


  14. Fred Bradley
    Apr 09, 2014 @ 01:45:00

    I was hooked with Jackie Evancho’s singing the first time I heard her sing on YouTube six months ago. In fact, even a man of 68 years in age is not too old to cry at hearing such a beautiful angelic voice grace our music world. I was so taken by her music that I had to see when she was performing live, and I was lucky to then get tickets to see her, along with a friend, in Phoenix in January 2014. What a treat that was. Such a divine person with a god given voice…so hard to believe that it is real until you can hear it with your own ears. Cheers to her and her parents also, for raising such a great human being and having the insight to encourage and develop her talent. Jackie, if you are reading this, best to you forever….you have a superb and blessed career in store for you.


  15. Fred Bradley
    Apr 09, 2014 @ 02:10:24

    One other comment I must make because I keep seeing the same statements being made regarding Opera Music, Classical Music, etc. As far as my understanding goes, Jackie’s style of music is more aptly described as Classical Crossover, not Opera. What is the difference? Has anyone seen a bonafide Opera Singer use a microphone? Most likely not, because Opera Singers do not use a microphone, they are strictly relying on the volume of their own voice to carry it through to the audience. Opera singers also appeal to a specific type of audience, usually the upper middle and upper classes, whereas Classical Crossover is marketed to reach all socioeconomic levels. Classical crossover is distinct in that all singers use microphones, and sing classical music etched in the ages as well as more current, popular tunes. Luciano Pavarotti was one of the first Opera singers in the world to “cross over” to the more current, popular classic tunes and were it not for him. I believe there would be no Classical Crossover genre existing today. Ask Jackie what kind of music she sings, and she will reply:, “Classical Crossover”. Do you think that David Foster would educate her to describe her music as being anything else? For those of you who do not know, David Foster plays piano on many of Jackie’s songs and he has produced some of her CDs. He is best known for the discovery of a few singers that have reached some degree of stardom, such as, Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Andrea Bocelli, and many others continue to seek his advice and expertise with their music. So he probably knows a little about how to best classify music, in my opinion.


    • varnk
      Apr 09, 2014 @ 13:09:55

      Fred. Thanks for your comments. You are correct. Jackie is not an opera singer, she is a classical-crossover singer. The reason I believe that the use of the term “opera singer” came about is because Jackie’s vocal style has an “opera-like” quality to it. I also believe that the term “opera singer” was loosely applied to her so that the general public would connect/understand her singing style since most people have never heard of classical-crossover. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to get people to understand what classical-crossover really meant when she first appeared on America’s Got Talent. Unfortunately, the opera community took offense to the “opera singer” term (and still does to this day) because she was not singing true opera. This is true, and Jackie and her parents have had to educate the general public about classical-crossover in response to the opera critics. Keep in mind that Jackie has sung a few opera arias written in the classical-crossover style, but she has not labeled herself as an “opera singer.” In fact, there was a recent tweet that she put out last week that confirms this (https://twitter.com/jackieevancho/status/452809962201579520)

      There is a very good description of classical-crossover at this link: http://www.classical-crossover.co.uk/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=142&Itemid=126


  16. Andy
    Apr 14, 2014 @ 18:40:58

    Does Jackie have a fan mail address??


  17. Issame Ben
    Aug 19, 2014 @ 07:06:36

    Nrw!! Jackie Evencho – Think of Me 2014 – Awakening


  18. Igor Katanugin
    Sep 15, 2014 @ 06:23:19

    September the 15, 2014, 10:45

    In the Spirit of God all are brothers and sisters!

    Yes, in the Spirit of God, in the consciousness of the Universal Christ all are brothers and sisters – even those who being lost in ignorance do not understand it and therefore behave themselves pitifully – as separate hostile beings!

    Nevertheless since the Heavenly Father – Creator of this Universe – is the spiritual Father for all – therefore all are spiritual brothers and sisters! Oh how simple and beautiful is the Life, the inner concept of all, the very laws of development, of the growth, the laws kept in the mind of the Universal Christ!

    There are wars on earth, there is more and more hostility as we see on our TV-screens! So shouldn’t we devotees of a true high Art show some higher level of consciousness than we see now in different areas on earth? – Yes, truly, we should!

    But what do I see on our sites and forums (I mean forums of Jackie Evancho but others also)? – “This is MY preferred actor/singer which is the best, this is MY preferred she-singer who is the true princess (or prince in case of a male-singer) – the one and only in the world! All others are ladies-in- the-making so to speak! It is only MY preferred singer/actor who have Christ inside of him/her, who brings divine Art upon the earth!”

    Oh dear friends in the Art! I would be very glad to feel, to enjoy oneness in love and purpose with all of you! But if you are unable to feel pure JOY seeing success of others, of some OTHER singer than your preferred one, if you do not rejoice inwardly seeing success of others – how is possible this precious oneness in our hearts?! – It is simply impossible in such pitiful case!

    Mostly I write now to the devotees of the Art of Jackie Evancho, because me too – or I too – am so, a devotee of her divine Art! But why do I hear sometimes that she – Jackie – is the only one who may be called a princess? Why, I ask all of you?!

    Yes, I agree she is the most advanced by the juncture, the most brilliant and powerful among all others! But should it lessen a bit my love for other wonderful singers? – Not, not at the least! Nothing could be further from the truth! For example just look at the LITTLE Amira – only ten years! I admire she strives FIRMLY for the beauty and harmony of the classical Art! She holds firmly – BY HERSELF! – not by efforts of her teachers or parents – by herself! – the glorious Banner of the Great Classical Art bringing forth something NEW, from her own inner treasury, from her own precious heart! What does it signify? – Inwardly she OBEYS WITH JOY THE LAWS OF GOD, OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

    She begins FEARLESSLY her own musical carrier which surely will take MUCH EFFORTS, SACRIFICE, which surely simply cannot be simple and easy!!! Just like our Jackie this little girlie takes a FIRM STAND WORTHY OF ADULTS!

    And what do I see on the forums of Jackie? – Almost no one open photo of a member of the forums, no one open name (Perhaps you work in the CIA or some other secret service that you do not give your open faces and names???), almost no one fearless mature post, often no one post at all! For example, I gave my big post on a forum JE about my dream to create a FRIEND- CLUB of Jackie – from the precious for me word FRIEND!!! – Well, “You have no reply” – the program answers automatically – during some weeks already! – And no post at all during three weeks! Three weeks – and NO one post at the entire forum – international forum of Jackie! And only abstract pictures and false names instead of true real faces and names of the members! It seemed to me I got to some fairy-tale world of the sleeping beauties keeping in secret their faces – as the only difference from the true fairy-tale!

    Where is your own courage, your own inner position, independence? Where is your own inner quest? They are THE LITTLE but FEARLESS GIRLS who you tell are your loved artists! The little but fearless girls taking their firm stand before the ugliness of the big part of this world!

    Why do I not see the true pure JOY among you that so many precious young singers holding just like our Jackie the Banner of Beethoven arise –fearlessly arise – on the horizon?! Verily, verily I say unto you – before they entered the plane of the earth, they were kissed and blessed by Jesus, by Mother Mary, by other heavenly beings – just like our Jackie were treated so, just many other children descending to the earth! Maybe like all – at least when there is the smallest possibility for a being to go forth in the Light…

    And you say instead – “Lo, she had a bad debut, she can not pronounce Italian words, she cannot do this or that thing! But she TRIES! (I say now about dear Amira Willighagen) She is NOT a rebel against the beauty of the heavenly gardens! Not at the least! Consciously she CHOSE THE HARMONY of the Art of the great composers of all times and nations!!! So shouldn’t we accept her with Christ-like Love at the open arms of our hearts? – Yes, surely, we should!
    Yes, it is a good example to ponder – for all of us!

    We are all created by God, so He embedded his Light in all of us human beings! We all are ment to grow in the Light, to grow in consciousness! We are all like sportsmen running one infinite distance toward the consciousness of the Creator and even furthermore because all Life is always MORE! So what is the point if someone is currently more advanced, some is less advanced at the juncture?! Shouldn’t we accept all this in one joyful spirit of Christ? Shouldn’t we say to some brother or sister – “Good! Go on, dear friend! I love you, I wish you every success! Surely you WIIL gain every success because with God all things are possible!”

    Shouldn’t we say so to the little precious Amira? Once more – it is HER OWN FIRM INNER POSITION – to strive for the Beauty and Harmony of God in the Art! I am full of the most profound respect for this case, for this inner strength and decisiveness in a little child! I forgive her WITH PLEASURE all and every possible weakness and mistake! I welcome with great Joy every Artist trying to express the beauty of the heavenly gardens!!! Regardless of all current mistakes!

    With great Joy of my heart I call dear Amira my precious little Princess, just like I say to my dear Jackie, to dear Patricia Janeckova, just like I say to every girl – not only on the stage – who inwardly strives for the tenderness, mercy, compassion and harmony of the Divine Mother! And surely boys have the potential to be true knights of the Light using this terminology of the knighthood!

    They mistake, they fall sometimes, they are led by teachers who themselves are NOT ALWAYS at the height of their great task! But they TRY, they step further on and on, they are fearless! Oh just look – dear Amira holds with her everywhere her loved toy (of green color), even when she sings this toy lies at her feet! Nevertheless, she sings fearlessly, she step forward! Just like our dear Jackie, like beloved Patricia Janeckova and other precious Artists whose names I maybe don’t know – she serves as a little true messenger of Christ, of heavenly beauty and harmony!

    Just look at the horrible wars going more and more on the planet! The dark ones know well that the heavens descend upon the earth, that precious christed children come on and on to the planet! And therefore the dark ones make wars, instigate hostilities everywhere! The dark ones of all kind deny Christ in themselves and in others! They are the true rebels against the Universal Christ Mind!

    So we should elevate our own understanding! We should awaken ourselves! We should do something for the better world, for the peaceful enlightened world for these oh so precious children!!!

    Sincerely, Igor Katanugin, Russia.

    EDIT: Personal information removed.


    • varnk
      Sep 15, 2014 @ 19:44:30

      Igor. Thank you for your comments. It is obvious that you are very passionate about your opinions and I appreciate them. My only advice would be to embrace the positive spirit that Jackie invokes in her music and her humility. There will always be those who will have negative things to say. It is best to ignore them and not let them get to you. I’ve read plenty of it too.

      I don’t really want this blog to be a sounding board for people to express political or religious discontent. I would prefer that discussions stay focused on Jackie.

      I have edited out some of your comments to remove some of the personal information that you provided.. I hope you understand.

      There are many forums for discussing Jackie. I suggest you check out the links section of my blog for one that suits you.


      • Igor Katanugin
        Sep 16, 2014 @ 06:44:06

        Thank you, Varnk! Am I right that you and the author of this blog is one person? Well, you give me good and sound advice – to try to be always in the truly positive spirit of the healing songs of Jackie! I fully respect your right to edit the posts on YOUR blog! The only remark being that though practically everywhere the rule is the same, many of the site-holders allow me to leave my email for example – and nothing bad happens! By the way so I’ve got acquainted with wonderful people all over the world, and we have had a very interesting correspondence! Surely it is possible right here also!

        I welcome from all my heart all the readers of this blog also!!!

        Estimable Varnk! The thing is that for me for example it is practically impossible to draw some line, some border between different areas of the Life – be it the Art, spirituality, social questions, be it love, friendship or my job as a tutor for example!

        So I simply could not seperate one from another! So if you will, if you please, accept me so as I am in this regard! For example, I would like to send you my script which is VERY DEAR for me – JACKIE AND THE FOUNDING FATHERS. In summer of 2013 I sent it to one of Jackie’s forums but it was practically lost and unseen there. I think I shall post it as the next post – for not to mix it with these my words.

        Sincerely, my best wishes, Igor Katanugin, Russia

      • Igor Katanugin
        Sep 16, 2014 @ 06:50:17

        Jackie and the Founding Fathers

        (A Letter to All Devotees of Jackie Evancho’s Art in the USA and All Over the World)

        “ Father, as You see, I’m just a child
        And there is so much to understand
        But if Your Grace should surround me
        Then I’ll do the best I can
        I promise, I’ll do the very best I can.”

        (Jackie Evancho, “To Believe”)

        Yes, Dear Friends, a little eleven-years girl take this solemn oath to God, she does it openly, clearly, before the spectators, before the World, before both the earth and the Heaven!.. And I trust, I believe her, I believe fully, completely that this is indeed the Holy Vow of the pure sincere heart of a child – the precious Loving Heart united to its Heavenly Source! As they say in my Homeland Russia, I perceive it as an authentic coin, indeed as the Holy Covenant between a human being – or rather a spiritual being in human form – and its Heavenly Source!

        So I dare to say – despite all atheistic rhetoric on Jackie’s sites and forums (bestofjackieontheweb.com , http://jackieevancho.freeforums.net ) – I believe all that I see and hear during this wonderful enthralling Concert “Dream with Me!” as well as all other Concerts, songs and interviews of Jackie!.. I believe her – I believe in God within her heart – as well as within every Loving Heart pulsating in the chest of any man, woman and child having such a precious magnanimous heart!

        And when David Foster – Musical Host of the Concert – asks her what she feels while singing, Jackie – this little eleven-years girl – gives him a straightforward open-hearted answer that something just overpowers or enters her entire consciousness, being and world so that she feels herself happy, inspired, joyfull! – So what do you think is that “something” that inspires Jackie? What do you think is this little girl grateful to? Whom does she give her fervent sincere Gratitude? – Well, Dear Friends, I think it is THE LORD GOD whom she gives her thanks to!!!

        Yes, I am from Russia – not from the USA! – but I think it is all right that a foreign citizen writes this humble Letter! Indeed it is all right, it must be so in order that all may see that truly THE BEAUTY IS THE GREAT UNIFIER! The pure longing for something Beautiful, Harmonious, Joyous, Peaceful, longing for something Eternal knows NO barriers – uniting people all over the World!

        So we in Russia also learn, know and we love – WE LOVE all the heroic pages of your American history because surely every achievement, every treasure of the Spirit is indeed universal, is truly precious FOR ALL!!! So we admire the courage and pure intents of your glorious Pioneers, their noble thirst for Freedom, for the New, for Happiness, we hold our deep profound respect to the Founding Fathers of your Nation, the USA!

        Why do I mention all this? – Well, it is all very simple – and very beautiful indeed, just as a dewdrop at the dawn reflecting the rainbow of the Sun Light!!! The thing is that the Founding Fathers of the USA did embody, accomplish and write into both the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence precisely, exactly what our dear Jackie sings, embodies and radiates, shines out into the World! We might call it by many different names but for the purpose of this Letter I would prefer the words UNIVERSAL SPIRITUALITY! Yes, Universal Spirituality! – So what does it signify?

        Let us look at the Declaration of Independence: “ We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights.” Just ponder carefully upon these wonderful words! The Founding Fathers were truly Spiritual People, we might say Spiritual Seekers, they believed deeply in God and that every human being is CREATED BY GOD! So it is precisely THE VERY CREATOR who endowed all people “with certain unalienable Rights” – the statement which is THE VERY BASIS of true Democracy, of any Democratic State and Nation!

        The Founding Fathers clearly saw that the Constitution had to recognize the existence of an authority that is ABOVE and beyond any human, or earthly authority! To establish a truly free nation, it must be recognized that every human being has rights that no earthly leader or institution is allowed to take away! In other words, neither a civil government, a dictator, a king or even a religious leader has the authority to take away the rights that GOD GAVE TO HIS PEOPLE!!!

        So we see clearly that every human being is in essence A SPIRITUAL BEING created by God whereas the earthly parents provide the earthly body for the soul that descends from Above – the body and all their parental Love, support, nurturing and guidance – the task and responsibility which truly are so great, so wonderful, so Holy!!!

        The Founding Fathers wrote the separation of church and state into the Constitution precisely because their approach to spirituality was the universal, non-sectarian, balanced approach! The Founding Fathers did NOT want to create a nation dominated by one particular church! They wanted all people to have THE FREEDOM TO WORSHIP without having their relationships to God dictated by any earthly authority! Likewise – as we just have noted above – they did not want to create a nation in which all mention of God or spirituality was banned from any governmental and educational institution!

        Oh let us behold this peerless Beauty of the Heavenly Wisdom embeded in the very intent, in the wonderful historic endeavor of the Glorious Founding Fathers, in their IDEAL OF UNIVERSAL SPIRITUALITY! And I hope we – devotees of the Art of our Jackie – should be very interested in this theme ESPECIALLY while hearing her sing the National Anthem on the Day of the Independence of the USA! So these are some of their brilliant enlightened Ideas – pitifully almost forgotten now by so many both in the very America and in the World:

        (1) Every human being – not only Jesus the Christ! – is created by God holding therefore his/her divine, or spiritual origin, heritage and nature! Everyone is a child of the Most High, and the Lord God loves UNCONDITIONALLY anyone of His Creation and hopefully envisions that everyone does grow in consciousness, following the path of self-transcendence, of becoming MORE of God! So every human being is of infinite value in the eyes of God!
        (2) Because of all mentioned above every human being is worthy of profound respect, high esteem and is endowed by his/her Creator with certain unalienable Rights which NO earthly authority is allowed to take away!!!
        (3) These inherent human Rights – regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, age, religion, social group or social origin – these Rights are the very Basis for every true Democracy, for every democratic state and nation!
        (4) The Founding Fathers clearly saw that the most basic human right is each person’s right to have a direct, personal relationship with God, a relationship which NO authority on earth has the right to distort or manipulate! The freedom to worship truly is the most basic of all human freedoms.
        (5) Every human being – once again NOT ONLY Jesus! – has his/her inherent potential to grow in the Spirit of Truth, to become – gradually, not at once! – to become the Open Door for the Light from Above – using the language of the Gospel!!! And the very Founding Fathers – they themselves have given, have set for all to see a brightest wonderful EXAMPLE of it – just being the Open Doors for the Light of God illuminating, sponsoring the very beginning of the New American Nation!!!
        (6) Precisely by acknowledging, embracing, by embodying, internalizing these high Principles by many people, by many active responsible citizens – this is the way for a nation to realize, to manifest its highest potential to become A NATION UNDER GOD!!!
        (7) What has truly built this Nation of the USA is the Light of God flowing, streaming through the American people, through all of them who were and are able to serve – maybe unrecognized by their outer minds – as truly the Open Doors for the Light – at some degree, at least! So sincere Gratitude is indeed the key to all further successes and achievements – both at the level of the entire Nation as for every human being (and SURELY not only American!)!

        Dear Brothers and Sisters in this oh so sweet pure Love for the Beauty and Harmony! Do you see that what we behold, what we admire in our dear Jackie, what causes our tears of Joy and what awakens us to our own inner treasures – precious treasures of our hearts and memories – the cause of all this is precisely the fact that this little fearless girl simply does allow her Light to shine – just as Jesus would admonish us in the Gospel – serving the Open Door for the Mighty Stream of Light from Above!

        This is NOT something unique, something exceptional! This is just the lawful destiny and the real – we might say – scientific potential of all human beings! Simply the thing is that Jackie does make it in this wonderful brilliant – oh so beautiful, so powerful way – that all can see it and can have the real possibility to shake themselves up, to awaken themselves – by the Beauty! – in order to discover each one’s own highest potential! She just serves as a brightest shining EXAMPLE of a Spiritual Being the Founding Fathers were talking about!

        And this is potential for all! Truly – potential FOR ALL! AS ONE HAS DONE, ALL CAN DO! – This is a wonderful hopeful Spiritual Law, this is the Promise of the Gospel, this is the fervent hope and Dream of the Glorious Founding Fathers! And needless to say, all this is EQUALLY needed and important for all people, for all nations all over the World – surely including our Russia!

        Dear Friends, Dear Brothers and Sisters! Do you hear the sound of the ancient mystical Chime?! Do you see the motion of the Cosmic Clock uniting the Past and the Future in this Miracle of the Eternal NOW?!!
        Do you see with your inner sight the parental hands of the Founding Fathers meeting these little childish hands of our Jackie showing us an example of Obedience, true enlightened obedience to the Law, to the Gospel of Christ, to the Covenant of the Founding Fathers?!!

        So surely – we are MORE than “fans”! We have the potential, the real scientific possibility to embrace, to embody ourselves this precious Ideal of Universal Spirituality uniting people from different religions, different spiritual and cultural traditions and even those who are seemingly atheist! We have both the right and potential – and responsibility also! – to discover, to find out the precious unique INDIVIDUALITY of each one of us and to present it as a gift to All Life!

        We have the right to fearlessly strive for the UNKNOWN going BEYOND – above and beyond every artificial barriers and rigid earthly traditions – just as Jackie is fearlessly accomplishing in the sphere of the Classical Art! We may just flow joyfully with the River of Life itself – as an eagle soaring high in the sky, as a wild deer running free in the forest, as a lark in springtime expressing the Joy of Resurrection! – And as our dear Jackie singing out of her Loving Magnanimous Heart:

        “To believe in a day
        When hunger and war will pass away
        To have the hope amidst despair
        That every sparrow’s counted
        That You here each cry and listen to each prayer
        Help us do Your will oh Father
        In the name of all that’s true
        And we’ll see in one another
        The loving image of You!!!”

        August the 29,2013.

      • varnk
        Sep 16, 2014 @ 08:56:09

        Igor. You have a lot of very thoughtful and powerful comments. I completely understand your desire to express your thoughts in writing. I was inspired by Jackie to do the same. That is why I started this blog. It provides a means for me to express my thoughts about Jackie and her music in a way that I hope is respectful to her. I was never compelled to write about anyone like this before Jackie came along.

        Might I suggest that you start your own blog. It is really not that hard to do. Perhaps you are feeling the same need to write your thoughts as well. Your own blog may be the best way for you to do that. I use WordPress (http://www.wordpress.com), which is free to use and relatively easy to set up. There are many other blog services on the internet as well.

        Also, the reason I edited out your e-mail is because I wasn’t sure you totally understood that it would be made public, particularly since you indicated that you were new to posting on the Internet. I was basically doing it to protect you, but if you want it publicly published, then feel free to do so.

        Good luck to you!


    • barleyron
      Sep 16, 2014 @ 09:43:19

      Jackie is a normal girl like most ALL girls , she does have a wonderful voice . some have talents in all fields , others have less , other have more but her mother does not like her to be placed on a pedestal , your post is mostly opinion of a would be Priest or Preacher of some kind thinking you know it all , its rather funny to me .but some people will love it .I have seen you work on other forums and you are like those robots that leave little magazines here and there like a good little messenger .,Some unbalanced people are like a hot air balloon needed a release of words he might think is true .Again Igor all children are love by their creator , one needs not to sing in the entertainment industry .If a God wants to stop bombs being dropped on people then he will on his own time .Keep waiting Ps. Ken, he knows what he is doing with the email , that’s his plan


      • varnk
        Sep 16, 2014 @ 14:01:24

        I’ll approve this comment out of respect for rebuttal this one time, but I would prefer that this blog not be used as place to argue about how people should and should not interpret their feelings regarding Jackie. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and I try to respect that. I ask that others who post here do the same.

      • Igor Katanugin
        Sep 18, 2014 @ 05:27:57

        Thank you, Varnk! Thank you for having published these my long scripts, thank you for your replies to me are always mild, merciful, humane! As to my own blog, the thing is that as I have said I’m practically iliterate in computer knowledge. Nevertheless indeed I have a dream to create – with friendly help of other people – the site which I would name “I am a tutor!” – or an other variant – “Growing with Jackie (friend-club of JE)”. Yes, I am very interested in both of them; and they are closely interconnected! Why Tutor? – Because I like this job, this great case of being a tutor, a teacher very much! And pitifully here in Russia there are very little male-teachers! There are forces – very evil, malicious forces – which work very agressively TO SEPARATE children and male adults – both in schools and families!

        In this regard the example of Jackie Evancho is VERY INSPIRING for me! Just look – there are always honest noble men (of male sex) around her! They help her, they sing with her! David Foster, Tonny Bennet, Robert Redford, Jose Carreras, Josh Page, Mario di Constantsi -oh just look! They set a WONDERFUL example of true friendship and partnership between a little girl and an adult man! What a joy, purity, mutual benefit!

        Maybe many people do not pay attention in this regard; nevertheless I see it clearly and I appreciate this precious example very high!!! It shatters to pieces the poisonous thought that there is no need in male-adults to communicate with little children including little girls!

        So once more, dear Varnk – I thank you very much! And I can say with all certainty that you surely are on the right track meaning that you are working honestly to embody YOURSELF the deep and beautiful teachings of the Gospel! You can read and hear a person with the eyes of the heart! You can see all the precious content of some post, some speach, some Letter even when there are certain imperfections also!

        So my best wishes for you and all readers of your wonderful blog!

        Igor Katanugin, Russia

  19. Rich DeLong
    Jan 01, 2015 @ 06:41:46

    There is a YouTube video where Jackie is in Japan and was asked about what she was thinking on stage and her answer was “God comes down on stage with me and sings with me…that’s all I think about”. Search on Youtube for “Jackie Evancho very cute” to watch. She does a really great performance of OMBC as well on this clip.


  20. Andy
    Jan 01, 2015 @ 15:09:27

    I would say that Jackie had a very positive 2014 and we were the beneficiaries. From her 4th of July performance to Awakening to the PBS Special -it was a marvelous display of talent and joy. I look forward to her achievements in 2015.


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