2014 – A Year in Review

JackieEvancho[1]As we come to the close of 2014 it is time for me to look back on the year and reflect on some of the major events related to Jackie Evancho.  Personally, it was an amazing year for me as a fan of Jackie.  I was able to attend three of her concerts this year.  The first was at Detroit, the second at Chautauqua, and the third and most memorable was Jackie’s PBS concert filming at Longwood Gardens.   At the beginning of 2014 it was hard to imagine what could have been in store for Jackie and for me as a fan, but the year was full of a lot of great moments and surprises.

Jackie fans were fairly sure that a new CD would be released sometime during the year, but the details of that CD were kept under wraps.  Fans were held in anticipation as to what songs would be on the CD, when would it be released, who would produce it, and what would it be called.  There was also hints that a new PBS Special would be filmed this year as well.  Rumors and speculation were abundant as fans tried to make sense of the little tidbits of information that slowly came out on various social media sites regarding the new CD and the PBS special.

Before details of the new CD became available, various other events would transpire at the beginning of the year.  An exceptional recording of Jackie singing a duet with Jumaane Smith titled “La Vie En Rose”  was released.   A video of the recording session was released to give fans a sneak peek of the new song.  I personally thought it was a very nice collaborative effort between Jackie and Jumaane.  This duet was somewhat of a new venture for Jackie to sing in a swing / jazz style.  Jackie showed her marvelous vocal skills by singing her portion of the duet in French.  Jumaane also did a splendid job with incorporating his excellent trumpet playing and vocals into the song.

Jackie performed several concerts in 2014.   I will not elaborate on all of her performances, but you can view all of the places she has performed on the map below:


As I mentioned earlier, I had the pleasure of attending three of the concerts shown on the map above.  The first was at The Fox Theater in Detroit.  The second was at the Chautauqua Music Conservatory in  NY, and the third was at Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania.  I wrote up reviews of each of these concerts and they can be read by clicking on the respective links below:

Another surprise that fans got to see this year was another very different side of Jackie.  A music video of Jackie singing a teen Pop song titled “Go Time” was released.  This was done as a promotional video for the Justice clothing store, which would feature Jackie on the video screens in Justice stores throughout the nation.  This song was a big change from the more somber Classical Crossover style of music that Jackie is primarily known for.  In case you missed it, the video of  “Go Time” can be watched here:


Jackie continued with her busy (yet balanced) schedule and made a very honorable appearance to sing at the United States National Memorial Day Concert in Washington DC.  You can read about my impressions of Jackie’s Memorial Day appearance here:


About midway through the year, an announcement of the new CD titled “Awakening” was made.  However, the CD would not be available for purchase until the end of September.  Anxious Jackie fans were longing for this new CD, but unfortunately it wouldn’t be available for several months following the announcement of it.  A lucky break came for some fans such as myself.  A PBS special was going to be filmed in August before the release of the CD.  The PBS special would be the debut of the songs on the Awakening CD.  As fate would have it, the Longwood Gardens location where the PBS concert would be filmed was just an eight-hour drive from my home.  Thus, I was able to attend the PBS concert filming, which was awesome – not only because I got to see Jackie perform live, but additionally I got to hear the new songs that would be on the Awakening CD.

Through the generosity of Jackie’s mother – Lisa, she provided a behind-the-scenes video taken during the making of a video featuring Jacking singing “Think of Me.”  It is more like a home movie rather than a polished production, which in some ways is more favored by many fans like myself.


Soon to follow, fans were treated to two additional professional videos of songs that would be on Awakening.  The first was “Rains of Castamere” from the TV show Game of Thrones.  The second song was “Think of Me” from the musical Phantom Of The Opera.


In September, Jackie would make a surprise return to Americas Got Talent as a special guest on the show.  She would return for a second time to the show to promote her new Awakening CD as well as to perform “Think of Me.”


Jackie would also appear on various talk shows such as The Today Show, Queen Latifah, and Fox and Friends, just to name a few.

Another highlight that occurred towards the end of the year was a surprise a-cappella duet where Jackie performs with Peter Hollens.  The song generated tremendous buzz over the internet and has received over 1.5 million views.


And finally, for anyone interested in a bunch of statistics, here is a report of the stats that this blog has generated over this past year thanks to the WordPress.com stats helper.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 19,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 7 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.


I want to thank everyone for reading my blog and hope that you find the information presented on this site to be useful to you.  If you are not already a fan of Jackie Evancho, I would encourage you to purchase her music from the many places where it is provided such as Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play, as well as various retail outlets such as Target and Walmart.  Jackie has an amazing vocal talent and her music is absolutely marvelous!  I can’t wait to see what she will accomplish in 2015.

Happy New Year!

A new “Awakening” has begun

0a58a-10494853_10201201010827628_2705648538131479816_n255b1255dJackie Evancho has just released her 6th CD titled “Awakening.”  I had the privilege of receiving my copy of the CD a little over a week before the September 23rd release date.  I had pre-ordered my copy of the CD from Jackie Evancho’s website when the CD release date was announced.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received the e-mail notification that my CD had shipped and would arrive by September 15th.  Turns out, the shipping of the CD was more timely than the shipping tracking-number had indicated.  Instead of receiving the CD on the 15th, I actually received it on the 12th.  Needless to say, I was very excited that this highly anticipated CD was now in my possession.  I couldn’t wait to play it.

Keep in mind, that I had heard the songs on “Awakening” when I attended the Longwood Gardens live PBS filming back on August 21st.  However, after the concert, the only way I could hear the music again was in my mind.  I would have to wait for the CD in order to listen to the music again.  As of September 12th, the wait was over.

Once I started listening to the CD, I was immediately transported back to Longwood.  The memories of the emotions that swept over me the first time I heard this music all came back to life once again.  This time though, I could listen to the music as often as I wanted, and believe me…, I am listening often!

When listening to Awakening I would suggest using a good quality audio system to get the full impact of all the lush accompaniment that is combined with Jackie’s exquisite vocals.  Jackie’s voice has a very pure and rounded sound that is magnificently complimented by the orchestral and electronic accompaniment that is part of each track.  Both Jackie and the accompaniments combine for a truly breathtaking listening experience.  Awakening is of the utmost quality and is definitely worth purchasing.  I would even go so far as to say it is probably the best album that Jackie Evancho has put out, and that is saying a lot considering how high the bar was raised with her previous albums.

My overall impression of the CD is that it is masterfully done.  The quality of the audio, the orchestration, and of course Jackie’s singing are superb!  You can tell that a lot of work went into its production.  One key point is that the Awakening CD was NOT produced using Auto-Tune –  meaning that what you hear on the CD is Jackie’s pure voice unaltered by digital tuning to correct for pitch, which is commonly used in the music recording industry.  Keeping that in mind, if someone was unaware that auto-tune wasn’t used, you would never suspect it because Jackie’s pitches are spot on target.

Looking beyond the technical aspects of the CD, I cannot help but write about the emotional impact that this music has on me.  Jackie’s music on her previous CDs has had a reputation of causing grown adults to shed tears (myself included) because it can have such an emotional impact (Sometimes referred to as “The Jackie Effect”).  I find myself almost unexpectedly getting misty-eyed without warning at random times when I listen to various songs.  Each song has a way of touching on various emotions that lie within me that get “awakened” when I hear certain lyrics or melodies that trigger these reactions.  The emotional tug is overwhelming at times and it causes me at times to let out a big sigh after hearing a song – almost as if my breath has literally been taken away.  Jackie’s music is not something I just listen to, it is something that I experience on a personal and emotional level.  That should be what music does to a person.  It should be more than just listening to a catchy tune that sounds appealing; It should take hold of us, causing moments to pause and reflect on how it affects us on a personal level.  I believe that Awakening does that!  I find myself yearning to hear it again and again, almost as if it touches a part of my soul that needs it – sort of like a warm security blanket on a cold winter night.  No other singer has ever had this type of impact on me before.  I wrestle with it at times, wondering why… why does Jackie’s music do this to me?  I thought maybe Awakening wouldn’t have this effect on me and yet there it is again – that indescribable feeling of knowing that there is something good that is coming out of Jackie.  Because of my faith, I know that it is the presence of God answering Jackie’s prayers to lovingly sing with her because she has asked Him to do so.

At this time I will give my impressions for each song on the CD.  I know that everyone has different musical tastes and I am sure that my impressions of each song may not be the same as what others may think.  All of the songs on the CD are very appealing to me, but I will admit that I do have some favorites that I prefer.  I will not attempt to order the songs by preference because my favorites change quite often each time I listen to the CD.  Instead, I will list them in the order that they appear on the CD along with my personal impressions of each song.

Think of Me (from The Phantom of the Opera)  – This song was released as a single before the Awakening CD was released.  It has been promoted quite a bit and even has a music video associated with it..  Jackie Evancho has always tried to feature a song from “Phantom of the Opera” on each of her CDs because the musical contains many of her favorite songs and is the influence behind why she started singing.  Jackie is tremendous on this track and the cadenza that she does at the end is a fabulous climax to the piece.

Your Love (from Once Upon a Time in the West) – One of my favorite songs on the CD.  The song itself is hauntingly beautiful.  Jackie has an astonishing way of incorporating her soothing voice to the demanding range that is required to sing this song.  I find myself getting misty-eyed many times when I hear it.  The emotional tug of the music can be overwhelming at times!   Although the lyrics are somewhat of a love song, I’ve thought that they could also be interpreted as expressing one’s love of God too.  Perhaps that is why it affects me in such an emotional way.

Je t’aime (from Pure) – When I saw the track list before I received the CD, this song is one that I wasn’t very excited about until I heard Jackie’s version of it (Jackie has a way of doing that to me).  Although the English translation of the French lyrics are a bit odd, I find myself liking this song a lot because it is so masterfully done.  The rich accompaniment coupled with Jackie’s outstanding way she sings in French is very impressive.  I would have to say that this song ranks as one of my top favorites on the CD.

Take Me There – An original song that was specifically written for Jackie Evancho by Johan Oberholzer. The song has an upbeat accompaniment that has somewhat of a Pop sound to it.  The song starts out slow and eventually builds to a moving beat that rhythmically pulses with Jackie’s exquisitely smooth vocals.  This is one song that I would hope would be a candidate for radio air-play on a Soft Rock or Pop station.

Open Fields of Grace – This song has hints of a Scottish or Irish ballad.  It has a certain graceful feel to it (as is indicated by the title).  The song has a deep meaning of longing to be with a lost loved-one who has passed from this world into the “Open Fields of Grace.”  Some would label this song as a “dirge” but I feel that term doesn’t give this song justice.  Instead, I would refer to it as a spiritual walk in paradise when our time on this world has passed to the next, leaving behind all of our suffering and troubles.

Ave Maria  (attributed to Giulio Caccini, music by Vladimir Vavilov) – I admire this song choice for the CD because of my faith.    It is one of my top favorites on the CD.  The song is  heavenly not only for the Blessed Virgin Mother for whom the song is titled, but for the beautiful way that Jackie sings it.

Memories (from The Silent Force) – This song has somewhat of a Celtic sound to it at times.  It has a flowing rhythmic beat to it.  The song somewhat reminds me of  the style of music that is commonly sung by Sarah Brightman, although it was originally sung by the Dutch symphonic metal/rock band Within Temptation.  Jackie does a marvelous rendition of this song and stays true to the original style of the song.

The Rains of Castamere (from Game of Thrones) – I will admit that I am somewhat unfamiliar with the TV show “Game of Thrones” in which the song is associated.  It is my understanding that this is a very popular TV series on HBO.  I sense some varied deep emotions in this song.   It starts out with a mysterious overtone – sort of like it is pulling you in and you cannot resist its spell.  Next, there is a sense of sadness to the music – such as if it is a portraying a tragedy of sorts.  Then, there are glimpses of hope, that are countered by the shadows of distress.  This is how I hear the story that the music conveys to me.  If I were to just read the lyrics I wouldn’t have those emotional connections.  To me, that is the true essence of a good quality musical performance – something that touches me deeply where I am emotionally mesmerized with what I am hearing.  THAT is what I get from Jackie’s voice.  Her voice is so pure, it is almost scary as to how much it reaches into my soul.  It is quite bewildering to say the least!

Dormi Jesu – One of my favorite songs on the CD being more on the classical side.  It is sung in Latin.  I believe this particular song highly showcases Jackie’s musical talent.  She sings the song so fluently with gorgeous nuances in vocal and lyrical interpretation.  If I were to “show off” Jackie to my friends, I would probably start with this piece.

Vocalise (from “Fourteen Songs”, Op. 34 – Sergei Rachmaninoff ) – For those unfamiliar with this song or the title it is a term for a song without lyrics.  One might think that a song without lyrics should be easy, but this song is far from easy.  Clearly this has to be one of the most difficult and challenging pieces for Jackie to sing.    When I hear this song I am amazed at the difficulty level that would be required to sing it.  The scoring of the orchestral accompaniment must present many challenges for a singer to find reference pitches for all of the complex interval changes that occur within the music.  It really is astonishing how well Jackie (who was 13 at the time of the recording) was able to absolutely nail this song like a seasoned adult pro with years of vocal experience.  It shows just how much Jackie has matured and grown as a musician.

With or Without You (from The Joshua Tree, music by U2) –  A song originally made famous by the rock band U2.  Although Jackie does a wonderful job singing this song and that she has indicated that it is one of her favorites to sing, I will admit that I am not as emotionally connected to this song as some of the others.  It isn’t that I don’t care for the song, I just don’t feel like it showcases Jackie’s talents as well as the other songs on the CD.  A lot of it probably boils down to personal taste.  I have heard some fans say that it is at the top of their favorites list.  If you are more inclined to lean more on the Pop side of Classical Crossover (CC) music, then this song will likely appeal to you as well.  I tend to lean more towards the classical side of the CC genre.

Made to Dream (music and lyrics by Jean-Pierre Steyn) – An original song written specifically for Jackie.  The lyrics to this song seem like they tell Jackie’s story.  I usually pay more attention to the music than the lyrics of songs (it’s how I’m wired), but in the case of Made To Dream, the lyrics are almost as if Jackie is revealing her inner-self.  Jackie has conveyed her ambition of living out her dream to sing for the enjoyment of others.  This song tenderly conveys the fruition of her dreams taking flight and that she was made to dream.  Perhaps that is how Jackie is wired.

In conclusion:

Jackie has referred to the title of her Awakening CD as a reflection of her “awakening” as an artist and person.  I believe that she certainly has done that.  Although Jackie’s prior CDs are outstanding, it is clear that her new CD is indeed a reflection of Jackie taking her artistic talents to a whole new level.  I encourage anyone reading this blog to get yourself a copy of this CD and hear it for yourself, for my words in this blog cannot possibly give this music the justice that it deserves.

Awakening is now available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon, as well as other retail stores.

Note that a bonus Christmas CD with Awakening is also available exclusively at Wal-Mart.  Stay tuned to this blog for an addendum to this review when we get closer to the Christmas season.

Finally, here are some video clips to whet your appetite for Awakening:

To view more of my favorite Jackie Evancho videos, check out my YouTube playlist.

Keep in mind that I am NOT a paid promoter of Jackie Evancho..  The opinions expressed in this review are my own personal thoughts and expressions regarding Jackie and her music.  I have made every attempt to post accurate information whenever possible.

Memories of The PBS Filming at Longwood Gardens

CaptureRecently, I had the pleasure of attending the concert and taping of Jackie Evancho‘s third PBS special on location at Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania on August 21, 2014.  This will have been the seventh Jackie Evancho concert that I have attended. Of all the concerts that I have attended, as spectacular as they have all been, I would have to say this was by far the most memorable.  The experience of seeing Jackie perform live is extraordinary in itself, but when you combine that with all the ambiance of a place like Longwood Gardens. plus the excitement of watching her PBS TV special being filmed live, it is almost overwhelming!  At first when I found out about this concert I wasn’t sure if I could attend.  My wife and I had already made plans to see Jackie at Chautauqua.  The late announcement of the PBS concert filming ended up being two weeks after the concert at Chautauqua.  The drive to Longwood would only be about 7 hours, so I knew that this was about as good as it gets to witness the recording of a Jackie Evancho PBS special.  It was an opportunity that I could not pass up.  I purchased two tickets for my wife and I.  Unfortunately, a few weeks later my wife realized that she had a schedule conflict on the day of the concert and could not attend.  So, I decided to go to the concert solo even though I really wanted to have my wife go with me too.  I know she would have loved to see it.

As with any Jackie Evancho concert, the anticipation leading up to the event is almost as exciting as the actual concert itself.  However, the time leading up to this concert also presented some anxiety.  Being that this was an open-air outdoor concert, the threat of bad weather was a major concern.  The weather forecast for the day of the concert did not look good at all.  The chance of rain was very strong (80 to 90 percent).  There was a rain date schedule for August 22nd, but that day didn’t look much better.  The weather forecast for the entire week of the concert was very poor, and the actual day of the concert was looking like the worst weather day of the week.  It would be so heartbreaking if this wonderful concert was hampered by bad weather.  The only thing I could do was pray that somehow God would shield the area from the impending rain.

On the morning of August 20th,I departed on the 7 hour drive to Longwood.  I decided to leave a day before the concert so that I would not have any stress or anxiety about trying to get to the concert on time.  The morning that I departed from Ohio, the weather was very bad.  There was a heavy rain falling.  Typically Ohio weather moves eastward, so it didn’t look good for the Longwood area in eastern PA.    I was driving in rain for about an hour, when it suddenly cleared up.  I probably got ahead of the rain and it was now chasing me across PA.  I continued to pray as I drove in hopes that the weather situation would improve.  About 100 miles from Longwood, it started to rain heavily again, however once I reached my hotel the skies were sunny and there was no rain in sight.  I was really worried though that the rain was on its way.

The next day, the weather was overcast, but no rain.  Temperatures were in the 80s with very high humidity (about 80 – 90 percent).  As long as it didn’t rain, then I was OK with the humidity.  I made my way over to Longwood Gardens around 11:00 am to tour the grounds before the concert.  My hotel was about 10 miles away, so I decided to wear my concert attire there and just try my best to stay cool.  It was very hot and humid, but I wanted to tour the grounds.  I must say that it is a beautiful place.  The gardens, flowers, fountains and overall scenery are pristine.  It is an incredible location for Jackie to do her PBS special.  Very good choice by whoever made the decision to film there.  One of the most impressive areas that I saw were some of the sections of the indoor conservatory.


Later during the day, I  heard that Jackie had a filming session in the ballroom in that area, as well as various other surrounding gardens near the conservatory.  Unfortunately, I missed a filming of Jackie that occurred just moments after I left the conservatory area.  By the time I had heard about it and started heading back there, the session was over.  Oh well, story of my life.  By mid -afternoon, many of Jackie’s fans were getting together at the Longwood Cafe for lunch and to socialize before the concert.  There were fans who came from Russia, France, Germany, and the UK as well as many fans from all over the United States.  Jackie has a very loyal fan following, and I must say they are all very nice and generous people.  Many fan-made custom Jackie buttons were given out and everyone was sharing their thoughts about Jackie and the upcoming concert.  The atmosphere was electric!

Around 4:00 pm many fans  started gathering around the blocked off entrance to the stage area.  The tickets for the concert were unreserved, so some of us die-hard fans wanted to get to the head of the line so that we could get good seats.  At 4:30, the gates would open, but not where we thought.  An usher indicated the line would form just down the path from where we were standing.  Myself and several other fans immediately headed in the direction indicated by the usher, and through some miracle, we were at the head of the line – I was about the 4th person in line.   We would still have to wait there in the sweltering humid heat for two hours before they would let us into the theater area at 6:30.  The weather forecast was still very iffy around that time.  The forecast still showed a 90% chance of rain and the weather radar on my phone showed a very large cell headed our way.  I kept saying to myself, “Please God, hold off this rain just until the concert is over!”  So far, so good!

At a little past 6:30, we were permitted to enter the theater area.  Being at the head of the line, I thought we would get very good seats.  I did not expect to get real close to the front because I suspected that some seats would be reserved.  I expected to get within at least the first 10 rows.  Unfortunately as we entered the theater, one of the ushers told us to start sitting in the back of the theater.  What’s with that?  First in line yet we are to sit in the back!?  Understandably we were a bit upset!  I didn’t want to make a scene, but it was troubling.  Suddenly I looked over and all the people who were way behind us in line were streaming to the front of the theater to get the unreserved closer seats.  I decided to do the same, but by then it was too late.  There was some confusion as to what was going on.  As it turns out, I ended up in about the 20th row and could see many people who were way back behind me in line within the first 10 rows.  I still ended up in a fairly good seat so I shouldn’t complain, but the process for handling the seating by the ushers was not one of the highlights of the day.

The theater area looked like a wonderland of beauty.  The stage was adorned with a multitude of flowers and plants.  There were large camera booms, teleprompters, video cameras, and lighting systems in place.  It all looked amazing!  I felt like I was in another world.  I could hardly contain the excitement I was feeling.  Right in front of me was this magnificent stage that looked like a flowering paradise.  There were several levels to the stage and towards the back were large fountains that would spray huge plumes of water.  The lighting was incredible as it glistened off all of the plants and flowers – highlighting all the nuances of the greenery.


The concert was scheduled to start around 7:30, but ended up starting about 15 minutes late.  The producer of the show gave the audience a few instructions on how the evening would progress.  This would not be a typical concert.  There may be some re-takes, and some audience shots by the cameras.  That was to be expected.  Personally, I couldn’t be happier to hear Jackie sing a song more than once, so bring on the re-takes!  The MC of the show was also Jackie’s duet partner for a couple of songs.  His name was Cheyenne Jackson.  He is a prominent Broadway singer and actor.  He would sing two duets with Jackie –  “Think of Me” and “Say Something.”   The following is the complete set list with a few of my comments on some of the songs.  The song list is from Jackie’s new CD titled “Awakening” that will be released this September 23rd.

Act #1:

  • Think Of Me – This was performed as a duet with Cheyenne.  I was surprised that this was a duet, since the single of Think Of Me was just released with Jackie singing it solo.  There were some whimsical lyrics that Cheyenne used that were not part of the original Phantom of the Opera song that this came from.
  • Your Love – Currently, I would have to say this was my favorite song of the night.  This song is a a beautiful vocalized version of the song from the movie “Once Upon a Time In the West”
  • Je T’aime – This song is a remake of the same song made popular by Lara Fabian.  I must say that after hearing Jackie sing it, I think Lara may have some competition.  I was not a real big fan of this song until I heard Jackie sing it.  Now it is one of my favorites of the concert.
  • Made To Dream – This is a new song that I believe was specifically written for Jackie.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember too much about this one.
  • O Mio Babinno Caro  – Jackie commented on this song and eluded to the fact that this is her signature song that she wanted to include on all her concerts.  It is the song that made her famous on her debut at America’s Got Talent.

Act #2:

  • Say Something (duet) – Jackie and Cheyenne sang this song beautifully.  The song originated from  Ian Axel
  • Ave Maria – This is the Caccini version.  I will have to say this is another one of my top favorite songs on the concert.  Jackie sang this song in such a heavenly way, all I could do was look up at the sky and reflect on the magnificence of the moment.
  • Rains of Castamere – This song has been released as a single from the TV show Game of Thrones.  We were treated to two performances of this song due to a retake.
  • Vocalise – This is the song composed by Rachmaninoff.  Probably the most difficult song for Jackie to sing.  However, she sang it effortlessly and I was amazed at how incredible she did on it.  Two ballerinas danced to this piece while Jackie sang.  It was very elegant.   Because of a slight wardrobe issue with one of the ballerinas, Jackie was asked to sing it one more time so that the TV producer could get the shot right.  I thought about how hard it must be to have to sing that song again, and yet Jackie sang it again perfectly.
  • Open Fields Of Grace – This was a very tranquil song that gave me visions of walking through Longwood Gardens and marveling at all of the marvelous scenery there.  I believe there was a segue to a part of Longwood that may be on the DVD of the concert when it is released.  I guess we will know for sure when the DVD comes out.

Act #3:

  • Take Me There – This was actually supposed to be the concluding piece on the show, but they wanted to get it in soon just in case the weather didn’t hold out and because it was getting late.  I believe this song was another original song for Jackie.  It had more of an upbeat tempo and a bit more on the pop side.  I could see this song possibly getting radio air-play.  I loved it!
  • With or Without You  – This is the song by the group U2.  I will have to say that although Jackie sang it great, it is probably not my most favorite song, but according to Jackie her Dad likes it a lot.
  • My Immortal – This is the song by Evanescence.   Jackie surprised us all by coming out and playing the piano for this while she sang the first half of the song.  I was impressed at how well she did since I have never seen her play piano before.  She did an outstanding job singing and playing.  Part way through the piece she transitioned from the piano to sing at center stage as someone took over the piano part for the remainder of the song.
  • Memories – Another beautiful song that may be an original as well.  I don’t recall ever hearing this song before.  And no, it is not the song from Cats.
  • Dormi Jesu – Another very challenging song for Jackie to sing.  Yet, it was outstanding!  Another one of my top favorite songs of the evening.

The song list was the right balance between classical and pop songs as is typical in the Classical Crossover genre that Jackie sings.  It has some reminiscence of her very successful Dream With Me CD, only that Jackie has turned it up a notch.  She is older now and much more powerful with her voice.  Yet, she still maintains the warmth and purity to her vocals that trigger tears to flow from listening to her sing.  With all that, Jackie still maintains a relaxed and whimsical demeanor on stage.  She joked around with the audience at times and was very fun to watch as she would occasionally jump and skip on stage – still preserving some of those little-girl moments as she transitions to being a young woman.  In the past 4 years I have seen Jackie progress from a very talented 10 year-old little girl to a 14 year-old superstar who is cherished and admired by many.  She continues to get better and better as the years progress.  Her new CD is going to be epic and I hope that anyone reading this blog will get a copy when it comes out on September 23rd.

Ironically, it never did rain during the concert.  The rain held off until we were exiting the theater after the concert had ended.  Just then, a soft drizzle of rain fell from the skies.  It was almost as if the angels were weeping for joy from what they had just heard too.  God did indeed answer our prayers.

You can pre-order Jackie’s new CD titled “Awakening” at the link below:


An evening with Jackie Evancho at Chautauqua

My wife and I had the good fortune of attending the Jackie Evancho concert this past Friday (8/8/14) at the Chautauqua Institute concert hall.  The following blog post is a report of my experience attending the concert.

We started the 3 hour drive to Chautauqua, NY on the day of the concert, arriving at the Chautauqua Suites hotel around 1:00 pm.  Right away we met several Jackie Evancho fans.  Even though none of us have met personally before, it felt like we knew each other well because of the connection that we have to Jackie Evancho’s fan club and various online forums.  Soon more Jackie fans showed up in the lobby and we had a lot of pleasant conversations about our common bond to Jackie Evancho.  The location of the hotel was only about a mile from Andriaccios restaurant, where we would have the traditional fan gathering that takes place before Jackie concerts.  My wife and I couldn’t check into our hotel until 3:00 pm, so we decided to drive to the 2:00 pm fan gathering, stay there for about an hour or so, and then drive back to the hotel to check-in and change into our concert attire.  When we arrived at the fan gathering it was wonderful to see so many excited fans.  About 25 of us showed up for the gathering.  There were even a few fans who came from outside the US to see the concert.  One fan came from Germany and two others came from the United Kingdom just to see Jackie perform.  Now that is dedication!  It was a pleasure to meet them and to talk with him.  It truly amazes me that people would travel that far to see Jackie sing, but at the same time realizing just how special it is that I only had about a three-hour drive to see Jackie.  It made me realize just how lucky I am that I didn’t have to travel that far for the Chautauqua concert.  The people from outside of the US have my utmost respect for their dedication to Jackie.  They are really wonderful fans as are all of Jackie’s fans.

After my wife and I returned to the hotel to check-in, we drove to the Chautauqua grounds just a bit before 4:00pm. Our concert tickets included the gate fee to get in to the grounds at 4:00pm. So that worked out really well. I had a parking ticket to park in the main parking lot right across from the entrance to Chautauqua. The parking lot was huge and we circled for a while trying to find a place to park. I was amazed at how full the lot was! Were all these cars there just for the Jackie concert? We were getting a bit worried that we may not get good seats if that many people were there already. We had to drive all the way to the back overflow lot to park. Luckily there was a shuttle service that would shuttle people in from the parking lot right up to the main gate. This was the first time we had ever been to Chautauqua. The grounds are very picturesque. It is a quaint vacation village of sorts with cottages, shops, and beautiful flower gardens. Lots of nice people too. It was a very scenic and family friendly environment. We really enjoyed walking around the place, but our first priority was to locate the concert hall to scope it out and see how many people were waiting to get in. We really didn’t know what to expect as far as how hard it would be to get good seats since they were first-come-first-serve. We did have the seating upgrade option, but it included a rather large section. We wanted to get within the first several rows if possible. Turns out our fears were unnecessary. We were there with plenty of time to spare. No lines were forming just yet.

The concert hall is an open-air venue with a roof on top.  The seats were similar to pews that you would find in a church. Many of us fans were gathered before the concert around the side of the venue and we could see directly into the hall.  The orchestra was rehearsing and at some point we knew that Jackie would probably come out to rehearse with them.  My wife and I walked around the concert hall towards the back and we saw where Jackie’s tour bus was parked.  There was no sign of Jackie or her family.  The backstage area of the theater was fairly exposed.  We could see people milling around behind the stage, but once again there was no sign of anyone familiar on Jackie’s team.  My wife and I strolled around a little more to take in the sights of the surroundings.  The lake was situated behind the concert hall so we strolled down there to take in the view.  I guess someone had spotted the Evancho kids playing on the hillside near there, but my wife and I didn’t see them;  Thus, I cannot confirm or deny that sighting.  Later we walked up to the hall to make sure that a crowd wasn’t forming around the venue.  Soon, we heard the familiar voice of Jackie rehearsing the song “Imaginer” with the orchestra.  It was a bit hard to see her because the sun was bright and the stage was shadowed.  We could see that there were several kids who hopped up on stage with Jackie and then surrounded her while she sang.  It appeared as though some of the kids were Jackie’s siblings (Jacob, Zachary, and Rachel), plus a couple of other kids too.  It appeared as though they were maybe trying to shield Jackie from being video recorded.  Jackie’s voice boomed over the loudspeakers and could be heard throughout the area as she sang.  She sounded wonderful!  I will say that it was very exciting to be able to witness the rehearsal.  The last time I had seen Jackie rehearse was in Pittsburgh back in 2011 as part of the VIP M&G package.  So this was a real treat in itself!

A few people were starting to form a line at around 6:30 pm, so we staked out our spot in line at the entrance near the front of the stage.  We had quite a bit of time to kill before we would get let into the hall at around 7:30 pm.  My wife and I were standing in line with two ladies in front of us who had never been to a Jackie concert before.  They remembered her from America’s Got Talent (AGT) and they thought it would be nice to see her perform.  Of course, I gave them the whole rundown of Jackie and all the history behind these past several years that followed AGT.  I told them that they were in for one of the best concert experiences ever.  Another man walked over from one of the cottages across from the venue and asked us what was going on at the concert hall tonight.  He was amazed at how many people were starting to form around the concert hall.  He asked me, “Was there some big-name show that night?”  I asked him if he had heard of Jackie Evancho.  He replied, “Who is that?”  I then asked him if he ever watched America’s Got Talent.  He replied, “Never heard of it.”  At that point I knew I had my work cut out for me, but I was up to the challenge.  I proceeded to tell him all about Jackie and the history behind her tremendous voice.  He became interested rather quickly and said that he and his family would listen to the concert from their front porch, which had a direct view of the stage.  It would have been interesting to have been able to speak with them after the concert to see their reaction.

As 7:30 pm approached, the gates to the concert hall opened.  We entered and gingerly stepped down some steep inclines to get to the front rows of the theater.  It wasn’t a mad scramble, but we had to act quickly to get good seats.  The first two rows filled up fast, but the 3rd row was open just to the left of the podium.  That was my preferred location anyhow.  Jackie would be directly in front of us.  You can’t ask for better than that!  The concert hall started to fill rapidly and soon it became apparent that this crowd was going to be BIG!  We asked one of the ushers about the capacity of the hall.  She said it could hold approximately 5000, not including the overflow seats or the seats above and behind the stage.  Not only did the venue fill up to capacity, but so did the overflow seats and several seats in the area behind the stage.  By 8:00 pm, the concert hall was packed and we still had 15 minutes to go before the start of the show.  This was a much larger crowd than I had ever seen at a solo concert by Jackie.  I noticed that some kids came out from behind stage with the unmistakable Meet and Greet (M&G) badges.  It looked as though there may have been a private M&G for those kids.  I am sure it was a thrill for them to get to meet Jackie.  I can certainly attest to that from past experiences meeting her.

Soon the show would begin.  The orchestra seemed a bit small compared to other concerts that I have been to, but it may have just been how I perceived it.  It was hard to tell where Jackie would be entering the stage.  There was a door on each side of the stage and one in the center behind the stage.  When Jackie’s conductor John Mario came in, he entered in the center door at the rear of the stage. That is also where Jackie would come in after the orchestra opened with “Cavalleria Rusticana” which is the perfect setup piece for her.  Jackie was wearing her beautiful turquoise dress and she looked fabulous!  She informed the audience that she loved the dress because it made her feel like a superstar and that it reminded her of a dress in the movie Frozen.  Unfortunately there were strict rules at this concert about taking photos or videos, so I kept in-line with the rules and did not get any videos or pictures.  Jackie opened the concert with the familiar song “When You Wish Upon A Star.”  I will admit that before the concert started I was a bit disappointed that no new songs from her upcoming Awakening CD (due to be released this September 23rd, 2014) would be performed based on what was reported from her previous concert in Portsmouth just two days earlier.  However, once I heard Jackie start to sing, I realized that it didn’t matter.  Just hearing that marvelous voice live again meant the world to me and it re-invigorated my love for her music.  Besides, I will be attending her upcoming PBS concert filming at Longwood Gardens in the next two weeks (August 21st, 2014) where new songs will be performed.

Now, about the Chautauqua concert itself. I will admit that Jackie probably did not have her “A” game on a couple of songs. She sort of had a brain blank-out when she sang Some Enchanted Evening when she missed an entrance on one of the verses.  She got a little flustered and said something like, “Sorry, this happens all the time.”  She did recover and finished the song as any true professional would.  We in the front rows gave her a standing ovation for support.  In my personal opinion, since Jackie has done so many flawless performances, she has earned the right to several mulligans here and there.  No big deal if you ask me.  All performers make mistakes.   I know that I have made many myself.  The only advice I would give Jackie is to not let your audience know when it happens.  In the second half, there was one other slight miscue in the song Lovers, but that was much less obvious.  I don’t want to make a big deal over this, but I just wanted to mention it to be thorough in my report.  One song that really hit me emotionally was The Lord’s Prayer.  Because Chautauqua is primarily a Christian community, and knowing that probably the majority of the audience had probably heard that song sung by other singers countless times, I couldn’t help but wonder what the residents must have thought when Jackie sang it.  I know I have never heard anyone sing The Lord’s Prayer as beautifully as Jackie.  The moment she sang it I could feel the usual uncontrollable tears welling up in my eyes. I know how much this song means to me and likely meant to the community there as well.  I also think it means a lot to Jackie too.

Soon it was intermission – the time to talk with people around me to see what they thought about the concert so far.  One gentleman who sat directly behind me had never seen Jackie before and was totally in awe at what he heard in the first half.  He told me that after hearing her sing he couldn’t believe what he was witnessing.  He said he entered the concert hall with a bit of skepticism, but now he understands why she has such a faithful fan following.  Many people during intermission told us how they were impressed that Jackie’s fans were so faithful to her and how much they admired the appreciation that we showed her.

Soon the second half would start. Jackie opened with the song “Lovers,” and aside from the slight miscue at the beginning that I mentioned earlier, she was terrific!  She wore a beautiful cream-colored dress that glistened in the spotlights.  As the second half went on, it was almost as if Jackie’s voice was getting more confident and stronger.  The closer we got to the end of the second half, the more her voice seemed to be on fire!  Her high notes and low notes (as well as the notes in-between) were outstanding!  So pure, and yet so powerful!  When she got to the last piece (The Impossible Dream), she dedicated it to her mother (Lisa), saying how much she loved her and that she was the best mom.  Kudos to Lisa for sacrificing so much so that Jackie can live out “The Impossible Dream.”  Also, Jackie dedicated the song “What a Wonderful World” to her father (Mike) during the first half of the concert.  She indicated that the song means a lot to him and that it makes him cry, but that they are tears of joy.  Don’t worry Mike, it happens to the best of us.  Jackie finished with two encores (O Mio Babino Cairo and Music of The Night). Both songs were extraordinary!  You could tell that Jackie’s voice was really running on full throttle during those songs.  Her confidence was rock solid in the second half and it seemed almost as if her voice became stronger at the end of the concert and  that she probably would have continued singing if there was more music on the set list.

In between songs, Jackie was very jovial with the audience.  One thing that she kept mentioning was that she saw a spider (either backstage or on stage – not sure).  She kept mentioning the spider between songs and said that it had a beautiful web, however she was also very afraid of spiders.  One person close to the front said she should squish it, and she said, “Oh no I could never do that, the spider is my new pet named Chico!”  It was funny how she made light banter with the audience at times.  The comment was also true to form in regards to her respect for all living things, even spiders that frighten her.  Jackie also seemed very attentive to someone on her left in the front.  I couldn’t tell for sure who it was, but Jackie smiled and waved in that direction a few times.  I was told that there was a little girl sitting there with a Jackie doll, but I couldn’t see her from where I was sitting.

After the concert, many of us fans gathered at the Chautauqua Suites hotel bar to have our post-concert recap.  We talked until after 1:00 am about all of our Jackie fan experiences.  It is really great to be in a room with a people who have that common bond that Jackie helped us to form.  I truly loved every minute of the day and cannot wait until the next concert and PBS taping of Awakening at Longwood Gardens on August 21st, 2014.  I will be there and will provide another blog post of that concert experience as well.

You can pre-order Jackie’s upcoming Awakening CD at the following link:



Honoring Memorial Day

Once again, Jackie Evancho was invited to sing at our Nation’s Capital.  This time, she has performed for the 2014 PBS Memorial Day concert.  It is becoming apparent that Jackie is the go-to performer for many of our country’s treasured events.  Jackie is no stranger to singing at national events similar to this concert.  Last year she also sang at the Washington DC Capitol Fourth Independence Day celebration.  In addition, she has been a guest singer for the National Prayer Breakfast in 2012, and the National Christmas Tree Lighting in 2010.  She has truly become America’s Sweetheart.  For this past Memorial Day, Jackie’s voice was the perfect complement to sing in a tribute concert for the fallen soldiers who gave their lives in service of our country.

Prior to the concert  Jackie treated her fans to a few tweets at the rehearsal and also before she went out on stage for the concert.



@PBS put out a small video clip tweet containing a message that Jackie gave to our troops:

The actual video clip with audio can be viewed by clicking here.

Photos of Jackie prior to rehearsal and at the concert were also available through Zimbio.  Here are some of my favorites:

Additional photos can be viewed using the link below:


Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend this concert, but I did get to see the live TV broadcast of it on my local PBS station.  Myself and several dedicated fans of Jackie had assembled in a chat room to share our enthusiasm and commentary on Jackie’s performance while watching it live.  Some fans from out of the country were able to find a video stream feed on the internet, so everything worked out for all of us to share our pride and admiration for Jackie.

Some fans have observed that Jackie was singing in a lower range than usual, especially for the song “Somewhere”, which she performed as a live solo for the first time.  Jackie had done a previous version of this song on her Dream With Me CD as a dubbed duet with Barbra Streisand back in 2011.  On that recording Jackie sang in a higher range.  Personally, I feel that it is a bit unfair to compare Jackie’s 14 year-old voice to her voice at age 10.  Yes, Jackie’s voice has changed since she recorded her Dream With Me CD at a younger age.  Although her present vocals seems s bit lower now, I feel as though her voice still has a very emotional impact.  Jackie may not have the experience of a seasoned adult singer, but she affects people emotionally in ways that many seasoned adult singers strive to achieve, but fall short.  This is evident by the comments below, which are part of the many reasons why I continue to admire Jackie Evancho.

As Jackie was finishing her song “My Heart Will Go On”…among 304 Veterans Gathered, someone in the Audience stood up and Shouted…”This is why we did it, This is why!. God Love you Jackie, God Love you!”…The cameo at the end set a rousing Cheer among all who were here…  Said one Iraq Veteran, “Jackie Evancho saved my life. I wanted to Die, but she wouldn’t let me. She didn’t sing at me, she sang TO me”.

 And now, here are videos of Jackie’s performances for the Memorial Day concert:



My Jackie concert experience at Detroit


I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed attending the Jackie Evancho concert in Detroit this past Sunday (April 13, 2014).  This concert will have been the 5th time that I had the privilege of seeing Jackie Evancho perform live in concert.  All week the excitement about going to this concert was building up.  When the day of the concert finally arrived, I was bursting with anticipation.  I knew that this day was going to be fantastic!  After-all, I was going to see Jackie Evancho perform live at the Fox Theater in Detroit, Michigan.  For me, attending a Jackie concert is an experience wrapped in many other experiences.  There are so many wonderful things that occurred on that day and I cherish each and every one of them.

So, without further ado, here is my account of the day… I departed for Detroit on Sunday, April 13th, 2014 – the day of the concert.  My 3.5 hour drive to Detroit was very tranquil as I listened to several Jackie CDs to prep me for the concert.  The weather was great!  It was warm, some clouds with temps in the 70s.  The weather was a welcome sight considering the harsh weather that we had been experiencing earlier in the week.  Traffic was mild.  I arrived at 2:00pm at the hotel where most of Jackie’s fans had arranged to stay.  I knew that if there were Jackie fans within eye-shot of me that I would soon be recognized as a fan because I was wearing my Jackie Evancho t-shirt.  I was right.  Immediately I was approached by several Jackie fans who recognized me.  I was unable to check-in to the hotel right away, so I hung out in the lobby and talked with a few fans.  It took awhile for some of us to connect and determine how we knew each other.  Most of us have only had conversations online and have never met personally.  That would all change today.  We would now be able to tie in the faces to the screen names and have real one-on-one conversations.  Personally, I believe that you can never really know what a person is like based on what you see in the text that they post.  You have to meet them, talk with them, and get to know them.  I must say that I met some really nice people.  It is so gratifying to be able to have actual face-to-face conversations with others who “get it” when it comes to Jackie.  Jackie fans come from all walks of life with various diverse backgrounds, but we all have one thing in common, and that is our love and appreciation of Jackie.  It is that common bond that joins us as a fan community of some really caring people who understand each other well.  It is very special! 

Soon my hotel room would be ready, so I checked-in, got cleaned up and changed into my concert attire.  Around 3:15pm we started gathering in the lobby again.  Transportation was arranged for several cabs to take us to the restaurant where approximately 50 fans had planned to meet before the concert.  As we were waiting in the lobby, in walks a man who just arrived from France to see Jackie perform.  We were all pleasantly surprised to see him!  He made a last-minute decision the day before to go to the concert.  So, he hopped on a plane and here he was.  I also believe it was his first time in the US.  Now that is some real dedication if you ask me!  He was so excited to meet other fans and get his picture taken with us.

Pre-concert Fan Gathering

Soon, the cabs had arrived to take us to the Rub BBQ Pub where we would enjoy a delicious meal and each other’s company prior to going to the concert.  The restaurant had the whole upstairs reserved for all the fans.  It was a great space for all of us to meet!  There was a lot of fellowship and Jackie discussion going on.  As is customary at Jackie fan gatherings there were plenty of Jackie buttons handed out.  The staff was very friendly and they even allowed Jackie’s music to be played over the speakers in the restaurant.  Speeches were given and blessings were made.  It was a great time had by all!  

At around 6:00, we started to make our way to the Fox theater.  It was only a short walk from the restaurant.  The weather was very pleasant.  Although there are some depressed areas of Detroit, the part of the city where we were at was fairly nice.  As we walked toward the theater we could see Jackie’s name on the marquee.  I stayed outside with a few well-known Jackie fans to enjoy the weather and to talk with others who were arriving at the concert.  People would ask us where we got our Jackie buttons.  We told them that it was common for Jackie fan club members to gather before the concert and exchange buttons.  As I was talking with a fan and her 99 year-old grandmother, a little girl (about 11 or 12 years old) with her mom and dad approached us and asked about our buttons.  I had an extra button and gave it to her.  Then, the fan I was with told them that she had an extra ticket for 4th row and wanted to know if they wanted it.  The father was a bit taken back by the offer.  I think he thought she was trying to scalp the ticket.  He said he couldn’t afford a ticket that close to the stage (thinking that it had a high price).  I told him that maybe he misunderstood that the ticket was being offered for free (which I knew was the case).  He then realized that she really was giving it to them if they wanted it.  The daughter really was excited about sitting that close, but unfortunately it was only one ticket.  I told them not to worry because I was sure that there would probably be someone who had extra closer tickets too.  Jackie fans are known for their generosity and acts of kindness where they will upgrade someone to a prime seat for no charge if they have extra tickets.  Turns out her whole family was able to get within the Pit section within the first 4 rows thanks to a another generous fan who did have extra tickets.  So it all worked out.


The initial impression I got when entering the Fox Theater was pure amazement of its beauty!  The theater is very ornate with intricate details everywhere you look.  A very elegant setting to showcase the elegant music that Jackie Evancho sings.  My seat was in the second row facing the violin section of the orchestra.  It is at this moment when the anticipation starts to really kick into high gear.  Holy cow!  I am really here and I am going to see Jackie perform live again!  This is when you just hope that time slows down so that you can take it all in and relish every moment that you can possibly experience.  Soon the concertmaster would tune the orchestra, the lights would dim, and the concert was ready to start.  As is typical with Jackie concerts, the orchestra played an opening piece (“Cavalaria Rusticana”) to set the mood.  It is a beautiful piece and is very fitting for the occasion.  After the opening orchestral overture was played, we would soon hear the familiar introduction to “When You Wish Upon A Star” from Jackie’s Dream With Me CD.  Then…, out she comes in a gorgeous red dress.  The first thing I noticed is how much she has grown up (just turning 14) since I saw her last year (2013) in Cleveland.  Her hair is much fuller and longer.  She seems taller (although she was wearing heels).  The child-like look that she once had is gone.  The little girl has been replaced by a young lady.  I also noticed that Jackie’s demeanor is more reserved and less animated.  She also appears to be much more serious and focused, which typically would occur when she was singing a song, but now present even before and after she sings.  I dare say that she now has the look of a diva – very confident, and in-charge.  From a vocal perspective, Jackie seems to have a deeper and rounder tone quality.  As always, she pours her emotions into the music and draws the audience in to savor each and every note she sings.  Occasionally Jackie will slowly walk the stage while she sings, going to each side of the stage to allow the audience to experience her from all angles.  Thankfully, non-flash photography was allowed during this performance, so I was able to get some pictures with my camera when Jackie came to my side of the stage.  I was about 7 feet away from her at times so I was able to get some really good shots.  Most of the time she sings with her eyes closed.  Nothing seems to bother Jackie when she is in the zone – not even a few pops from an errant amplifier fazed her.  She is solid as a rock when she is on stage.  I am also very impressed at how well the conductor (John Mario Di Costanzo) keeps the orchestra in-sync with Jackie.  Jackie takes some liberties with tempo at times; yet John Mario is able to keep the orchestra right with her and rarely does he even need to look back at her for confirmation.  There is definitely a good bond between conductor and soloist.  I know from experience that this is not easy for a conductor to do, but that is why he is where he is.  It is also very important that the orchestra members are disciplined enough to watch the conductor.  The orchestra was superb at this (considering they were likely a pick-up orchestra).  They sounded wonderful!  There were a few times where the orchestra was a little overpowering, but nothing considerable.  It seemed like in the first half of the concert  the audience applause was appreciative, but subdued.  Jackie received a standing ovation for a couple of songs (Angel and The Lord’s Prayer).  She also dedicated the song “What a Wonderful World” to her father Mike Evancho, saying that the song would bring tears to his eyes.  Jackie jokingly said something to the extent that she thought it was funny that her tough-guy Dad would get tears when he heard the song.  I’m guessing it is very special to him.

Soon it was intermission. The first half of the concert seemed to go by rather quickly, but time flies when you are having fun.  It is at this moment that the sinking feeling hits when you realize that the concert is already half over!  I had noticed that there were a few empty seats in the front row that had not been occupied for the entire first half of the concert.  I looked back from my second row seat to see where the little girl (whom was upgraded from the balcony) was sitting.  She was two rows back from where I sat.  I walked over to her and her father and told them that the front row seats were not in-use and hinted that if they wanted to upgrade again, the opportunity was there.  The little girl wasn’t sure, but the father told her that if someone wanted the seats that she could always go back to her other seat.  It didn’t take too much convincing for her to go in the front row.  The father and mother stayed back in their seats, even though there was room for all of them in the front row.  I think they were too modest to move again since they had already been upgraded from the balcony.  There is more to this story later.

Time for the second half.  Jackie came out wearing  a beautiful cream-colored dress with bright sparkling sequins.   She looked fabulous!  This dress was slightly reminiscent of a similar maroon-colored dress she wore last year that got the nickname of “The Dress” because of how stunning it was.  The new cream-colored dress was equally stunning if you ask me.  It glistened when the spotlights hit it.  Jackie seemed to be a bit more relaxed and showed more of a lighter personality than in the first half.  The audience was also much more engaged in the second half.  There were several standing ovations and more people shouting out words of appreciation and encouragement.  A few shouts of, “We love you Jackie” with Jackie replying, “I love you too!”  Jackie dedicated the song Impossible Dream to her mother, Lisa Evancho.  She also dedicated the song “My Heart Will Go On” to her fans.  When Jackie sang her last piece, the applause was loud and people were exuberantly cheering. We were treated to two encores of “O Mio Babbino Caro” and “Music of The Night.”  Remember the little girl who was upgraded to the front row?  Well, she received a special treat.  When Jackie was exiting the stage after her first encore, she walked up to the end of the stage and gave the little girl in the front row a big high-five.  The little girl was so thrilled!  It was a “feel good” moment to see Jackie show attention to a younger fan like that.  I have no doubt that Jackie made that little girl’s day.  That little girl started out with balcony seats, then was upgraded to the 4th row, then the 1st row, and topped it off with a high-five from Jackie.  I’d say she got a pretty good experience!


After the concert, a group of fans and I walked back to the hotel.  It was a beautiful night and I think most of us probably didn’t even feel the ground beneath our feet because we were floating from the experience of the concert; at least I know I was.  When we got back to the hotel, several fans were already there socializing at the hotel bar.  I joined them and talked until the bar closed at around 11.  Even after the bar closed, we hung out in the hallways talking up Jackie and sharing more stories until way past midnight.  We didn’t want the day to end.

All-in-all, I had a wonderful time.  I met many fans and got to see Jackie perform live once again.  I can now say that I have seen Jackie perform live when she was at the age of 11, 12, 13, and now 14.  So far it has been quite a ride!  I can’t wait until the opportunity comes about for the next concert.

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