2013 – A year in review

Another year has gone by and it is time to reflect on my experiences of being a fan of Jackie Evancho.  As you can see from the map below, Jackie has been quite busy again this past year, as has been the case for the past 3 years.  Although Jackie maintains a fairly busy schedule, her parents and management team still seem to maintain a very balanced coordination between home-life and Jackie’s career.

Known Jackie Evancho Performance Locations – 2013

This past year (2013) was very special to me as a Jackie fan because I was able to attend two of her concerts (Pittsburgh and Cleveland) after being unable to attend a single concert in 2012.  It was a big thrill for me to not only have seats within the first 3 rows for both of these concerts, but to also have the opportunity to meet Jackie again at both of them (thanks to the generosity of another Jackie fan).  One of the concerts I attended (Cleveland) almost didn’t happen.  The Cleveland concert was originally scheduled for May 16th, but for reasons unknown the sold-out concert was cancelled.  Thankfully, the concert was re-scheduled for June 7th.  Luckily, I narrowly missed having a conflict with family vacation plans with the re-scheduled date.  It was a big thrill to have Jackie give a concert in my home state of Ohio.  The Cleveland Palace Theater was only about 100 miles from where I live, so it was great to have Jackie sing at a venue that was so close.  The Cleveland concert was probably one of the best performances that I have seen.  Her vocal maturity and control was exceptional.  Jackie charmed the crowd as usual and it was a pleasure to see her perform in such a gorgeous venue.

Unfortunately, there was no video recording of Jackie performing at this concert because it was strictly forbidden.  However, another very good fan of Jackie put together a video that commemorated the day leading up to the concert.  I was a part of many of the clips shown in this video and it really helps me to recall the many fond memories that I had of the day.

Although I must say that the Cleveland concert was probably the biggest highlight of the year for me, there are other additional events that were also quite significant.  Here is a review of some of the major highlights of this past year (in chronological order) that left me with the biggest impression:

  • Seeing Jackie perform at Pittsburgh Heinz Hall.  My wife and I had front row seats and it was the closest to the stage that I have ever been while attending a Jackie concert.  I also had another memorable Meet and Greet with Jackie before the concert.  In addition, I helped to plan a well-attended Jackie Evancho fan gathering at Six Penn Station before the concert, where close to 36 fans had shown up for dinner to celebrate our comradery as fans of Jackie.
  • Jackie performed at a major Las Vegas show with Cirque du Soleil where she sang a magnificent rendition of Bridge Over Trouble Water while she was in the water at the “O” Theater.  In addition, Jackie also sang while suspended nearly 100 feet in the air as part of the show’s finale.
  • Jackie performed a joint concert with the renowned tenor Jose Carreras in Taiwan.  This concert had over 10,000 people in attendance and was a major international event to add to Jackie’s prestigious list of concerts performed overseas.
  • Seeing Jackie perform at Cleveland Playhouse Square.  My wife and I had third row seats for this concert.  I met Jackie again at Meet and Greet.  I also helped plan the fan gathering of about 30 Jackie fans who attended a dinner before the concert at Otto Moser restaurant in Cleveland.  This concert and the Pittsburgh concert were both fabulous!
  • On July 4th, Jackie sang the National Anthem and Can You Feel The Love Tonight at the Nation’s Capital in Washington DC for an event called A Capital Fourth celebration.  This was a nationally televised broadcast and was a major accomplishment for Jackie to perform at such an honorable event.  In typical Jackie style, she wowed the country with her incredible singing ability.
  • Jackie performed at a major benefit concert at the Conference Center for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for the MuzArt World Foundation – We Are Hope event.
  • Jackie performed a major holiday concert at Carnegie Hall with Tim Janis and Sir James Galway.

In addition to the items listed above, Jackie has had numerous other concerts, TV appearances, interviews, and other events that she has performed or participated at as well.  Jackie continues to have a very strong and active career.  It will be interesting to see what’s in store for 2014.

As an extra added end-of-the-year  bonus, the WordPress.com stats helper prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.  Click below to see the stats.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

I just want to say thanks to all who read my blog this past year.  I look forward to whatever Jackie has in store for 2014 and can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

A light-hearted categorization of Jackie fans

One thing that has always struck me about Jackie Evancho fans is the diversity of individuals who are part of the fan-base.  Jackie’s fans come from varied backgrounds – both professionally and personally.  Many of these individuals have found something special about Jackie’s music that has inspired them to become a fan in one way or another.  Fans range in age from young to old – with a fairly large number of fans seemingly in the over 50 category.  However,  It is not just one age group that is represented; It is a wide range of age groups – creating a diverse audience that is not hemmed in to one demographic.

For a very long time I have been trying to put together a list of categories to apply to Jackie fans.  I have observed so many great qualities in many of Jackie’s fans mostly through reading postings on Jackie Evancho forums and by meeting them at concerts.  It is one of the reasons why I love being a part of the Jackie fan community.  Over the years that I have been an active participant and observer of Jackie’s fan base, I have noticed some characteristics and titles that have stood out – prompting me to put together a list to whimsically describe the various fan-types that are part of this melting pot of people who admire Jackie Evancho.

So, here is my light-hearted attempt to give all of us fans a chance to look at all of the various ways that we contribute to the common Jackie fan-base.  Note, it is likely that many fans fall into multiple categories.

The Statisticians – This type of fan is primarily focused on the statistics of Jackie’s career.  Usually spends most of their time surfing the web looking for information relating to chart rankings, CD sales, current earnings, number of YouTube view counts, Number of likes, etc..

The Fact-finders – Similar to The Statisticians, but is primary looking at finding facts and information about Jackie.  This fan would be great at playing Trivial Pursuit – Jackie Evancho edition.

The News-watchers – May include Fact-finders.  This fan is looking for the latest and greatest news concerning Jackie.  They comb the web trying to find the newest story and hope that they will be the first one to discover it and share it with other fans.

The Gushers – This fan is beaming all the time from The Jackie Effect.  They are usually very positive people who are full of praise for everything Jackie.  Sometimes known to go over-the-top with their messages of affection in forum posts.  But, how can you blame them?  Probably most of Jackie’s fans have fallen into this category at one time or another.

The Analysts – These fans are usually trying to figure out why they are a fan and what it is about Jackie that draws them in.  They also strive to explain or understand “The Jackie Effect.”  These fans also analyze Jackie’s vocal patterns, and try to determine in a methodical explanation as to why Jackie’s voice makes so many fans weak in the knees.

The Musicologists – These are the fans who know music and know how to talk about music.  They may be professionals, amateurs, and/or highly educated in the field of music.  This could include vocalists and/or instrumentalists.  It could also include people who are familiar with the music entertainment business.

The Rookies – All fans start out here when they are still learning the ropes about Jackie. It’s always great to see a new fan emerge and to observe their wide-eyed amazement at all the new discoveries that they find out about Jackie.

The Protectionists – This fan is always on the watch for anyone or anything that could harm Jackie in some way.  If something alarms them, they probably make it a point to keep Jackie’s parents well-informed of anything suspicious.

The Crusaders – Similar to the Protectionists. These fans are the self-appointed monitors of content on the web as it relates to Jackie.  They make it a point to scan the internet for anything that could be deemed harmful or objectionable based on their standards.  If anyone makes a post or comment about Jackie that they do not agree with, they will be all over it – firing back a rebuttal post to defend their ideals about Jackie to the highest degree.

The Charitablists – Fans in this category do what they can to be charitable to other fans.  This may include giving out buttons, coins, posters, CDs, and even free concert tickets on occasion.  A very noble group of people who do everything that they can so that others get as much joy out of being a Jackie fan as they can.

The Spiritualists – These fans have discovered something about Jackie’s singing and humility that moves them spiritually in a way that connects them with their faith.  This connection also stems from Jackie’s own acknowledgment of the importance of her faith in God.  Many fans in this category also pray often for Jackie’s well being.

The Humorists – These fans provide the comic relief regarding Jackie.  They may write parodies or create humorous pictures that give others a chance to see the lighter side of Jackie fan affliction.

The Roadies – These fans attend numerous Jackie concerts (usually in the double digits).  These fans always get front row seats (or the best seats they can get) and get to at least 8 – 10 concerts per year, if not more.  Most of the roadies have also had numerous M&G’s with Jackie.

The Jackieheads – If anyone is familiar with the band Grateful Dead, this term was coined from the term Deadhead that is applied to Grateful Dead fans.  Jackieheads have been defined to be any fan who has attended more than one concert.  Tailgating at a concert in a VW tie-died minibus would be the epitome of a Jackiehead.

The JackieJunkies – Can’t get enough of Jackie?  Do you need a constant Jackie fix to get you through the day?  Then you might just be a Jackie Junkie.  One good thing about being a Jackie Junkie is there are no known ill-effects other than being constantly “high” on Jackie music.

The Evangels – Term created for Jackie Evancho fans by a Jackie fan in 2011.  Nobody is quite sure what it means to be an Evangel, but the explanation of the term was to combine Evancho with Angel to form the word Evangel.  Some have coined the term as a religious label and others see it as merely a term of affection.  If you look at the word from the literal sense, its meaning can be interpreted from the Greek definition; Bringing good news.  Jackie herself seems to have embraced the term and has used it on occasion to refer to her fans.

The Forumaholics – This type of fan is a frequent visitor to forums that discuss anything and everything Jackie.  They are constantly looking for new posts or messages about Jackie.  Many forumaholics also have an exuberant number of posts on forums, however some just read quietly behind the scenes without posting.

The Chatters – Group of fans who chat on-line about Jackie.  These fans frequently visit the chat room to share their immediate thoughts on the latest Jackie news, or just to discuss anything that can be thought of – usually keeping Jackie at the forefront of the conversation.

The Collectors – These fans make it a point to own every piece of Jackie merchandise that is available.  In some cases the collectors may even own several of the same pieces of merchandise.  The collectors have been known to spend large amounts of money on rare Jackie memorabilia such as signed and/or unsigned copies of Jackie’s first CD Titled “Prelude To a Dream” (PTAD) in addition to other items signed by Jackie.

The Writers – This group of fans are compelled to write stories, blog entries, parodies, poems, forum posts, and comments about Jackie.  For some people in this category writing has always been a part of their lives, and for others, The Jackie Effect turned them into writers.

The Artisans – Consists of Jackie fans who have artistic talent and use that talent to edit and enhance photos of Jackie using many creative techniques that showcase Jackie in numerous ways.  This also includes fans with a knack for producing unique and visually stunning videos that are truly amazing.

The Originals – These are the fans who have been following Jackie’s career before she made her debut appearance on America’s Got Talent (AGT).  Some of these fans were paying attention to Jackie from the very beginning, when Jackie’s first videos were posted on YouTube when she was just 8 years-old.  These fans have seen Jackie progress from an unknown child singing at nursing homes and small group events to venues that have had audiences with up to 100,000 people and TV appearances reaching  millions.

The Superfans – Consists of fans who have really put in a lot of their time, effort, and money to be a part of the Jackie experience.  These fans have gone to over 15 Jackie concerts, have met Jackie numerous times at M&G or chance meetings, bought Jackie CDs in bulk, have numerous signed Jackie items, own at least one or more copies of PTAD (signed by Jackie of course), and spend countless hours discovering everything they can about Jackie.  These fans are most likely recognized by Jackie as well as her parents.

And finally, The plain ol’ Jackie Fans – the catch-all category for all fans of Jackie.  Each and every one of us has found a special place in our hearts and/or minds for being a fan.  Some of us may know the reasons, and others are maybe still grappling with it.  Either way, Jackie has somehow pulled us together to form a melting pot of diverse individuals who have come to appreciate Jackie in some way.

Jackie’s concert appearance at The Capitol Fourth 2013

Normally when I create a blog post about Jackie Evancho I am usually basing it on my own personal experiences.  In this blog entry, I will be telling a story based on accounts from other Jackie  fans who have been gracious enough to provide me with content based on their own experience at The Capitol Fourth concert in Washington DC.

In my previous blog entry titled “Jackie to perform at the Capitol Fourth concert in DC,” I had indicated that I was contacted by Jamie Geller who is associated with Capitol Concerts.  Jamie had suggested that I  post a blog entry to promote Jackie’s appearance at the event.  This blog post is a follow-up to highlight Jackie’s performance at this special concert.  Unfortunately I was not able to attend this event in person, but I have received some tidbits from other Jackie fans in attendance who gave me a first-hand account of what they experienced at the concert.  I was able to watch this concert on my local PBS station, so I can offer some insights into this concert based on what was broadcast.  Sometimes watching an event on TV gives a better perspective than being there in person (at least that is what I have been trying to convince myself).  In this case, we will have the best of both worlds – my TV viewing experience and the experience of first-hand accounts from fans who were in attendance.

July 3rd, 2013 – Rehearsal day

Jackie had posted several twitter messages, pictures, and some short videos of her experience during the rehearsal.  Here are a few of the twitter posts that were made:



photo (1)

Here is a link to additional official pictures of Jackie that were taken at the Capitol rehearsal:


Here is a brief summary of some of the commentary that I received from some fans who had attended the rehearsal:

The police presence was as advertised, everywhere you looked you could see the uniforms of DC, Park, U.S. Protective Service (uniformed division of the Secret Service), Metro and Maryland State Troopers. The security screening was both interrogative and with metal detection.  We were also sniffed by a bomb dog. I thought it was very thorough and they were set up for a large crowd for the evening dress rehearsal as well as the very large crowd for the 4th. We were kept out of the seated area which was for guests and the media but had a view of about 100 ft from the stage.  Jackie was dressed in a white dress that was beautiful. We were astounded and proud when we heard the National Anthem intro being played, then I received the Keek that the first secret was out. Jackie sounded wonderful but after the first go around Lisa (Jackie’s mother) came to the stage and talked to Jackie and then the color guard was announced and she sang it again with a stronger voice, in my opinion.  Then we heard the into for her second song.  The announcement for Jackie was a very over-the-top one stating about her 3 year career of multi-platinum selling throughout the world.  She then sang Can You Feel The Love Tonight after which  the second Keek about the second secret was out.   Jackie was given a round of applause for both of her songs by all who attended.   All in all a very nice day.

July 4th, 2013 – Concert Day

I was in great anticipation for the PBS broadcast at 8:00 pm EDT.  Many of Jackie’s fans had gathered in her official fan club chat room to express their thoughts and encouraging words during Jackie’s performance.  I was one of them.

To our surprise, Jackie was the introductory performer to open the concert with her singing The National Anthem.  What a great thrill it was to watch Jackie sing our National Anthem at such a monumental event.  I was told by a fan that during rehearsal Jackie did not go after the high note when singing the verse – “land of the free”, but at the actual performance on the 4th she did go after the high note and nailed it!  You could read the lips of some people in the crowd saying “Wow!”  Jackie did an amazing job!

Later in the concert, Jackie would come out again to perform Can You Feel The Love Tonight.  Once again, she did an incredible job as usual!  The roar of the crowd at the end of her performance showed just how much the audience appreciated her talent.  With Jackie now at 13 years-old, she has probably taken a lot of people by surprise at how much she has grown up since her well-known television appearance on America’s Got Talent (AGT) back in 2010.  This was evident by numerous tweets mentioning Jackie.  It is quite apparent that Jackie impressed a lot of people who probably have not been following her since AGT.  Let me say from someone who has been following her since AGT, the number of things Jackie has accomplished  are too numerous to mention and are impressive beyond belief for someone so young.

Who knows how much this latest appearance with all of America watching will affect Jackie’s career.  I only hope for the best for her because she seems to have remained very humble and modest in spite of all the attention she has received. I think that Jackie and her parents will set a precedent for all future kids who may follow in Jackie’s footsteps someday –  showing how to do things right when raising someone so young in the entertainment industry.  I pray that Jackie and her family will always have the wisdom to know how to handle all the fame that has come their way.  Based on what I can tell, I think those prayers are being answered.

Thanks to all of the fans who helped provide content for this blog entry.  It is very much appreciated.

Here are videos of Jackie’s performance at the Capitol.

Jackie to perform at the Capitol Fourth concert in DC

Several days ago, I received a message on my blog offering some encouraging words for me to post about Jackie Evancho’s appearance to sing at our nation’s capital in celebration of America’s birthday on July 4th.  I am more than happy to offer my assistance to help promote Jackie.

Just recently I saw Jackie Evancho perform a flawless concert in Cleveland on June 7th.  This concert was perhaps one of the best Jackie Evancho performances that I have ever attended.  Based on what I saw in Cleveland as well as other past concerts, I am completely confident in Jackie’s ability to wow our nation this July 4th when she takes the stage as part of the Capitol Fourth celebration.  Jackie has been called “America’s Sweetheart” by many of her fans.  This coming Thursday (July 4th, 2013) she will capture the hearts of America if she hasn’t done that already.

This will mark the third time that Jackie has performed for the President of the United States.  Jackie first performed for President Barack Obama  in 2010 at the National Tree Lighting.  The second time was in 2012 at the National Prayer Breakfast.  And now, on July 4th, 2013, Jackie takes the stage in Washington DC to perform once again for the President at the Capitol Fourth celebration.  Quite an accomplishment for a girl who just turned 13 years old this past April.    Keep in mind that Jackie has also performed for government dignitaries in other countries as well.  In 2012 Jackie performed for and met the Emperor of Japan and his family.  In that same year Jackie  also performed as part of a  special concert in St. Petersburg Russia at the International Economic Forum for numerous government dignitaries – in addition to a crowd of over 100,000 people.  Jackie certainly has a very strong international presence.  She is no stranger to being at the forefront of some very big concerts.

I would encourage all readers to tune-in to watch Jackie Evancho perform as part of the grande  celebration of America’s Independence this coming July 4th, 2013.  The show is scheduled to be broadcast at 8:00 pm EDT and again at  9:30 pm on local PBS stations throughout the US.

For more information about this concert, check out the following links:




Pittsburgh concert March 12, 2013 – A great day!

It had been fifteen long months since the last time I saw Jackie Evancho in person.  Fifteen months waiting in anticipating for March 12, 2013 when Jackie would finally be performing somewhere I could attend.  Suffice it to say, this concert was well worth the wait!  I will try to paint a picture of the day with words so that you follow along as I saw it.

The entire day was a whirlwind of activity.  My wife and I departed for Pittsburgh slightly after 12:30 pm, arriving in the city around 2:45 pm.  The traffic was heavy for the first 15 minutes of the trip.  After that, the drive went very well.  The weather was cool (around 40 deg.) and overcast.  There were only a few sprinkles of rain here and there along the way, but for the most part the weather cooperated.  As soon as we arrived in Pittsburgh, I could feel the excitement starting to mount.  This was going to be a great day!  We found a nice place to park the car in a parking deck just down the street from the arts district in Pittsburgh.  The first thing we did was to walk to Heinz Hall to check out the venue.  It didn’t take long to find it at all.  Surprisingly, there was no marquee with Jackie’s name outside the concert hall.  We walked around the hall looking for posters, or some kind of hint that Jackie was performing there that day.  We didn’t find any sign of Jackie’s concert at first.  Later on, there would be posters of Jackie put up by the venue.

After checking out Heinz Hall, we proceeded to Six Penn Kitchen restaurant where a Jackie fan gathering / dinner before the concert would be taking place.  My wife and I were the first fans to arrive.  We were an hour early.  The fan gathering wasn’t until 4:00 pm, but we sat down in the bar area to wait for and welcome the arriving fans.  I had volunteered to make arrangements for the fans to have dinner and I was a bit worried as to whether there would be enough space for everyone.  It was going to be a very large group.  Reservations were for 26, but I think more than that eventually showed up.  Thankfully, Six Penn restaurant set aside an upstairs room for us to gather.  I think that the fan turnout overwhelmed the restaurant staff, but they did a great job in accommodating us.  I can’t thank the manager and staff at Six Penn enough for everything.  I was told that we ballooned to around 36 fans who actually showed up – one of the biggest turnouts ever for a fan gathering.  The fan gathering was charged full of excitement.   There were people handing out Jackie buttons galore, in addition to posters, banners, cards, and everything imaginable for all of us to sign and wish Jackie the best.  So many fans generously gave to other fans out of the goodness of their heart.  It is one of the many great qualities of Jackie’s fans.

Time started to fly.  Before we knew it, the time was approaching 6:00 pm – the magic hour when those of us who were fortunate enough to attend M&G were to report to Heinz Hall.  Once we arrived at Heinz Hall, the outer lobby was packed full of people.  It was hard to believe that all of these people were attending M&G.  I think some were just arriving early for the concert to take in the experience.  Soon we would get our M&G passes and those of us who received them were escorted into the hall.  We were taken down a stairway to a lower level where the area was roped off for the fans to form a line to see Jackie. It wasn’t long before Jackie, her family, staff, and security were in the room adjacent from the line of fans.  I could see them all just ahead.  Soon, the line started to move.  At this time, I will admit that the butterflies start to take over and nerves set it.  How is it that Jackie’s presence in a room can suddenly raise the emotional levels up so high?  I was feeling giddy with excitement!  Soon, there was only one more person to go in before me.  I frantically tried to remember what I wanted to say to Jackie.  Here we go…. I am next.  I walked up, handed my camera to Jackie’s manager, and then greeted Jackie.  My mind suddenly went blank.  What did I want to say?  All I could get out was, “Hi Jackie!  Nice to see you again!  I haven’t seen you in a long time since the last time you were in Pittsburgh.”  Jackie was a bit soft-spoken.  I think she said, “Thanks for coming.”  Honestly, in the excitement of the moment I am not sure what she said.  Soon, the picture was snapped, and I knew my time was over.  Before I walked away I think I said, “You’re the greatest Jackie!”  I think she said, “Thanks!”  Oh… I wanted to say so much more!  I forgot to tell her my name (not that it matters).  I wanted to tell her how much I admired her for her voice, her kindness, and most of all her faith in God.  I wanted to tell her that I believed she was making a difference in the world.  But, before I knew it, I was out of there.  The time with Jackie may have been only several seconds, but the memories will last forever.

On to the concert.  We still had about 45 minutes before the concert would start at 7:30 pm.  My wife arrived at Heinz Hall to meet me since she did not get to go to M&G.   We hung out in the lobby talking with fans, taking pictures, and soaking in the atmosphere.  We soon went to our seats in the front row center section.  The seats were incredible!  We were about 4 feet from the stage.   Jackie would eventually be singing probably about 8 feet from where we were sitting.  Soon, the lights started to dim, the concert master tuned the orchestra, and we were underway.  At that moment, I wanted the time to slow down so that I could savor every minute of this experience.  The entire Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra (PSO) was there to play for Jackie.  They started out with 2 music intermezzos from the opera Carmen (Entr’acte – Act 4, and Act 3 respectively).  I absolutely love these selections as a concert opener for Jackie.  It sets the mood perfectly,  and the PSO played them beautifully.  It gave me goosebumps, and Jackie hasn’t even come out yet.  Once the orchestra completed the selections from Carmen to a rousing applause  the orchestra suddenly starts into the haunting introduction of “Pure Imagination.”  At this time, I could feel the rush of emotion take me over, as I knew Jackie would soon be coming out.  Suddenly, out she comes in a beautiful turquoise dress  that I have seen photos of but never seen in person.  She looked spectacular with the lights shimmering off her dress.  The introduction of the song finishes, and then Jackie starts into “Pure Imagination.”  Her voice is as pure and wonderful as I have ever heard it. The orchestra and Jackie were now one, and the music was like listening to her Songs From the Silver Screen CD, only better!  One by one, Jackie sang through the songs on her set list and all I could do was pray that somehow time would just slow down to a halt because I didn’t want the moment to end.  I was in a state of bliss!  There she was,  just 8 feet away and sometimes even closer when she would walk to our side of the stage.   Jackie’s family sat about 8 rows back from where we sat and it was obvious that Jackie was giving them extra attention.  You could tell that she was very happy to have her family there in the audience and it showed.  She made it a point to wave to as many audience members as she could between songs during all the many cheers that came her way.  One special treat that we got as a bonus for being in the front row is that during intermission, Jackie’s family came in and out of the concert hall through the front row aisle just inches from where we were standing.  It was great to see Jackie’s siblings, her grandparents, and several other family members and/or friends whom I did not recognize, walk by our seats.  They kept to themselves and tried to be inconspicuous, moving through our area rapidly.  It was really great to see this wonderful family!  Jackie’s mother and father (Mike and Lisa) were not in the audience.  I am assuming they were backstage.  Lisa did come out at intermission (rapidly) to remove the set-list for the first half from the stage floor.  At intermission, my wife and I remained in our seating area.  I had several people come up to us because they thought WE were family.  This happened to us at the last concert we attended at Pittsburgh too.  It must be the Jackie buttons we wore, or the Jackie M&G pass that I was wearing that may lead people to think this.  It is sort of flattering, but I have to tell them that we are just fans of Jackie.  Many wanted to know where we got the buttons.  Several people who were patrons of the PSO talked with us too.  Some had never heard Jackie and were floored at how well she sang.  Soon the intermission was over and we were on to the second half (oh nooo!  concert is going by way too fast!).   The orchestra starts into Pirates of the Caribbean as a lead-in for the second half (I was hoping they would do something a little higher up to their level, but that is the standard set-list for her concerts on this tour).  Soon, Jackie would be coming out for the second half wearing a spectacular dress that may fans have been raving about.  It is absolutely spectacular as it explodes with shimmers of light!  I now know that pictures cannot do it justice, you have to see it for real as others have said as well.  Jackie then sings the second half with various songs from her CDs (Songs From the Silver Screen, and Dream With Me).   There is no doubt in this fan’s mind that Jackie still has plenty of fire-power in that gorgeous voice of hers.  Jumaane Smith (a talented guest trumpeter who tours with Jackie) also performed his solos brilliantly as well as his duet with Jackie on The Summer Knows.  Jackie poured herself into her songs to give everything she had for the home crowd.  She finished to a roaring applause and came out for 3 curtain calls and two encores.  Maybe on other concerts she would have only done one encore, but I am guessing she wanted to give her all to the home crowd.  Everyone generously showed their appreciation with roaring applause and standing Os.  We didn’t want to let her go!

After the concert was over we didn’t want to leave until the ushers told us we had to go.  I talked to some fans afterwards outside Heinz Hall.  Some of the fans whom I had talked with were people I hadn’t seen at the dinner, but had recognized from the last time I was in Pittsburgh to see Jackie back in December of 2011.  One fan I remember in particular had his young 8 year-old daughter with him.  They were both beaming from the concert.  It was great to see young kids at the concert too.  Jackie certainly does transcend to all age groups.

Thank you to Jackie and her family for making all of this possible.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am for getting to experience the joy of meeting Jackie again and attending this concert!  It was fabulous!


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