Memories of The PBS Filming at Longwood Gardens

CaptureRecently, I had the pleasure of attending the concert and taping of Jackie Evancho‘s third PBS special on location at Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania on August 21, 2014.  This will have been the seventh Jackie Evancho concert that I have attended. Of all the concerts that I have attended, as spectacular as they have all been, I would have to say this was by far the most memorable.  The experience of seeing Jackie perform live is extraordinary in itself, but when you combine that with all the ambiance of a place like Longwood Gardens. plus the excitement of watching her PBS TV special being filmed live, it is almost overwhelming!  At first when I found out about this concert I wasn’t sure if I could attend.  My wife and I had already made plans to see Jackie at Chautauqua.  The late announcement of the PBS concert filming ended up being two weeks after the concert at Chautauqua.  The drive to Longwood would only be about 7 hours, so I knew that this was about as good as it gets to witness the recording of a Jackie Evancho PBS special.  It was an opportunity that I could not pass up.  I purchased two tickets for my wife and I.  Unfortunately, a few weeks later my wife realized that she had a schedule conflict on the day of the concert and could not attend.  So, I decided to go to the concert solo even though I really wanted to have my wife go with me too.  I know she would have loved to see it.

As with any Jackie Evancho concert, the anticipation leading up to the event is almost as exciting as the actual concert itself.  However, the time leading up to this concert also presented some anxiety.  Being that this was an open-air outdoor concert, the threat of bad weather was a major concern.  The weather forecast for the day of the concert did not look good at all.  The chance of rain was very strong (80 to 90 percent).  There was a rain date schedule for August 22nd, but that day didn’t look much better.  The weather forecast for the entire week of the concert was very poor, and the actual day of the concert was looking like the worst weather day of the week.  It would be so heartbreaking if this wonderful concert was hampered by bad weather.  The only thing I could do was pray that somehow God would shield the area from the impending rain.

On the morning of August 20th,I departed on the 7 hour drive to Longwood.  I decided to leave a day before the concert so that I would not have any stress or anxiety about trying to get to the concert on time.  The morning that I departed from Ohio, the weather was very bad.  There was a heavy rain falling.  Typically Ohio weather moves eastward, so it didn’t look good for the Longwood area in eastern PA.    I was driving in rain for about an hour, when it suddenly cleared up.  I probably got ahead of the rain and it was now chasing me across PA.  I continued to pray as I drove in hopes that the weather situation would improve.  About 100 miles from Longwood, it started to rain heavily again, however once I reached my hotel the skies were sunny and there was no rain in sight.  I was really worried though that the rain was on its way.

The next day, the weather was overcast, but no rain.  Temperatures were in the 80s with very high humidity (about 80 – 90 percent).  As long as it didn’t rain, then I was OK with the humidity.  I made my way over to Longwood Gardens around 11:00 am to tour the grounds before the concert.  My hotel was about 10 miles away, so I decided to wear my concert attire there and just try my best to stay cool.  It was very hot and humid, but I wanted to tour the grounds.  I must say that it is a beautiful place.  The gardens, flowers, fountains and overall scenery are pristine.  It is an incredible location for Jackie to do her PBS special.  Very good choice by whoever made the decision to film there.  One of the most impressive areas that I saw were some of the sections of the indoor conservatory.


Later during the day, I  heard that Jackie had a filming session in the ballroom in that area, as well as various other surrounding gardens near the conservatory.  Unfortunately, I missed a filming of Jackie that occurred just moments after I left the conservatory area.  By the time I had heard about it and started heading back there, the session was over.  Oh well, story of my life.  By mid -afternoon, many of Jackie’s fans were getting together at the Longwood Cafe for lunch and to socialize before the concert.  There were fans who came from Russia, France, Germany, and the UK as well as many fans from all over the United States.  Jackie has a very loyal fan following, and I must say they are all very nice and generous people.  Many fan-made custom Jackie buttons were given out and everyone was sharing their thoughts about Jackie and the upcoming concert.  The atmosphere was electric!

Around 4:00 pm many fans  started gathering around the blocked off entrance to the stage area.  The tickets for the concert were unreserved, so some of us die-hard fans wanted to get to the head of the line so that we could get good seats.  At 4:30, the gates would open, but not where we thought.  An usher indicated the line would form just down the path from where we were standing.  Myself and several other fans immediately headed in the direction indicated by the usher, and through some miracle, we were at the head of the line – I was about the 4th person in line.   We would still have to wait there in the sweltering humid heat for two hours before they would let us into the theater area at 6:30.  The weather forecast was still very iffy around that time.  The forecast still showed a 90% chance of rain and the weather radar on my phone showed a very large cell headed our way.  I kept saying to myself, “Please God, hold off this rain just until the concert is over!”  So far, so good!

At a little past 6:30, we were permitted to enter the theater area.  Being at the head of the line, I thought we would get very good seats.  I did not expect to get real close to the front because I suspected that some seats would be reserved.  I expected to get within at least the first 10 rows.  Unfortunately as we entered the theater, one of the ushers told us to start sitting in the back of the theater.  What’s with that?  First in line yet we are to sit in the back!?  Understandably we were a bit upset!  I didn’t want to make a scene, but it was troubling.  Suddenly I looked over and all the people who were way behind us in line were streaming to the front of the theater to get the unreserved closer seats.  I decided to do the same, but by then it was too late.  There was some confusion as to what was going on.  As it turns out, I ended up in about the 20th row and could see many people who were way back behind me in line within the first 10 rows.  I still ended up in a fairly good seat so I shouldn’t complain, but the process for handling the seating by the ushers was not one of the highlights of the day.

The theater area looked like a wonderland of beauty.  The stage was adorned with a multitude of flowers and plants.  There were large camera booms, teleprompters, video cameras, and lighting systems in place.  It all looked amazing!  I felt like I was in another world.  I could hardly contain the excitement I was feeling.  Right in front of me was this magnificent stage that looked like a flowering paradise.  There were several levels to the stage and towards the back were large fountains that would spray huge plumes of water.  The lighting was incredible as it glistened off all of the plants and flowers – highlighting all the nuances of the greenery.


The concert was scheduled to start around 7:30, but ended up starting about 15 minutes late.  The producer of the show gave the audience a few instructions on how the evening would progress.  This would not be a typical concert.  There may be some re-takes, and some audience shots by the cameras.  That was to be expected.  Personally, I couldn’t be happier to hear Jackie sing a song more than once, so bring on the re-takes!  The MC of the show was also Jackie’s duet partner for a couple of songs.  His name was Cheyenne Jackson.  He is a prominent Broadway singer and actor.  He would sing two duets with Jackie –  “Think of Me” and “Say Something.”   The following is the complete set list with a few of my comments on some of the songs.  The song list is from Jackie’s new CD titled “Awakening” that will be released this September 23rd.

Act #1:

  • Think Of Me – This was performed as a duet with Cheyenne.  I was surprised that this was a duet, since the single of Think Of Me was just released with Jackie singing it solo.  There were some whimsical lyrics that Cheyenne used that were not part of the original Phantom of the Opera song that this came from.
  • Your Love – Currently, I would have to say this was my favorite song of the night.  This song is a a beautiful vocalized version of the song from the movie “Once Upon a Time In the West”
  • Je T’aime – This song is a remake of the same song made popular by Lara Fabian.  I must say that after hearing Jackie sing it, I think Lara may have some competition.  I was not a real big fan of this song until I heard Jackie sing it.  Now it is one of my favorites of the concert.
  • Made To Dream – This is a new song that I believe was specifically written for Jackie.  Unfortunately, I don’t remember too much about this one.
  • O Mio Babinno Caro  – Jackie commented on this song and eluded to the fact that this is her signature song that she wanted to include on all her concerts.  It is the song that made her famous on her debut at America’s Got Talent.

Act #2:

  • Say Something (duet) – Jackie and Cheyenne sang this song beautifully.  The song originated from  Ian Axel
  • Ave Maria – This is the Caccini version.  I will have to say this is another one of my top favorite songs on the concert.  Jackie sang this song in such a heavenly way, all I could do was look up at the sky and reflect on the magnificence of the moment.
  • Rains of Castamere – This song has been released as a single from the TV show Game of Thrones.  We were treated to two performances of this song due to a retake.
  • Vocalise – This is the song composed by Rachmaninoff.  Probably the most difficult song for Jackie to sing.  However, she sang it effortlessly and I was amazed at how incredible she did on it.  Two ballerinas danced to this piece while Jackie sang.  It was very elegant.   Because of a slight wardrobe issue with one of the ballerinas, Jackie was asked to sing it one more time so that the TV producer could get the shot right.  I thought about how hard it must be to have to sing that song again, and yet Jackie sang it again perfectly.
  • Open Fields Of Grace – This was a very tranquil song that gave me visions of walking through Longwood Gardens and marveling at all of the marvelous scenery there.  I believe there was a segue to a part of Longwood that may be on the DVD of the concert when it is released.  I guess we will know for sure when the DVD comes out.

Act #3:

  • Take Me There – This was actually supposed to be the concluding piece on the show, but they wanted to get it in soon just in case the weather didn’t hold out and because it was getting late.  I believe this song was another original song for Jackie.  It had more of an upbeat tempo and a bit more on the pop side.  I could see this song possibly getting radio air-play.  I loved it!
  • With or Without You  – This is the song by the group U2.  I will have to say that although Jackie sang it great, it is probably not my most favorite song, but according to Jackie her Dad likes it a lot.
  • My Immortal – This is the song by Evanescence.   Jackie surprised us all by coming out and playing the piano for this while she sang the first half of the song.  I was impressed at how well she did since I have never seen her play piano before.  She did an outstanding job singing and playing.  Part way through the piece she transitioned from the piano to sing at center stage as someone took over the piano part for the remainder of the song.
  • Memories – Another beautiful song that may be an original as well.  I don’t recall ever hearing this song before.  And no, it is not the song from Cats.
  • Dormi Jesu – Another very challenging song for Jackie to sing.  Yet, it was outstanding!  Another one of my top favorite songs of the evening.

The song list was the right balance between classical and pop songs as is typical in the Classical Crossover genre that Jackie sings.  It has some reminiscence of her very successful Dream With Me CD, only that Jackie has turned it up a notch.  She is older now and much more powerful with her voice.  Yet, she still maintains the warmth and purity to her vocals that trigger tears to flow from listening to her sing.  With all that, Jackie still maintains a relaxed and whimsical demeanor on stage.  She joked around with the audience at times and was very fun to watch as she would occasionally jump and skip on stage – still preserving some of those little-girl moments as she transitions to being a young woman.  In the past 4 years I have seen Jackie progress from a very talented 10 year-old little girl to a 14 year-old superstar who is cherished and admired by many.  She continues to get better and better as the years progress.  Her new CD is going to be epic and I hope that anyone reading this blog will get a copy when it comes out on September 23rd.

Ironically, it never did rain during the concert.  The rain held off until we were exiting the theater after the concert had ended.  Just then, a soft drizzle of rain fell from the skies.  It was almost as if the angels were weeping for joy from what they had just heard too.  God did indeed answer our prayers.

You can pre-order Jackie’s new CD titled “Awakening” at the link below:

60 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Anonymous
    Aug 28, 2014 @ 07:29:52

    Oh. I forgot to add,,, with that ultra humid evening at Longwood where the temp was now falling from hot to milder, the instruments would have been in need of constant retuning, I think (did they even tune up prior to the show? I was too busy chatting with others). So, for quality control, miming was a correct choice with dub in at post op!!! Who knows what magic they do to make it look seamless and correct. They need to for such a video.


  2. Patricio Cruzat
    Aug 28, 2014 @ 11:19:50

    Ken, everything has been said about your review. I will add only this: it is one of the reviews I copy and keep on my files. Thank you.


  3. Alan W.
    Aug 28, 2014 @ 13:44:19

    Very nice article. Made to Dream is a song that Jackie Evancho actually co-wrote. The Moon and The Sun is piece that Jackie says that not only did she write the lyrics, but she also composed the musical tune. Ever since Jackie made this announcement on SHOF, I have been waiting for more of this to come out, but there has been silence. Maybe some more surprises to come our way?


    • varnk
      Aug 28, 2014 @ 15:09:32

      Actually, Jackie’s mother Lisa indicated on the Proboards forum that Jackie did not write the lyrics to ‘Made To Dream.’ Jackie had said this in error in an interview when she meant to say she wrote lyrics for ‘Dream With Me.’ As far as the song ‘Moon and The Sun’ goes, that is still anyone’s guess.


      • Alan W.
        Aug 29, 2014 @ 17:44:58

        What is “actual”? I guess I wasn’t actual. It appears once the CDs and DVDs are out we will finally see definitively who wrote and composed these songs. Again, you did a good job on your article.

  4. TBM
    Aug 29, 2014 @ 00:42:04

    I’m skeptical of people that leave comments claiming that they were at the Sarasota concert and that Jackie wasn’t really singing live on certain songs. There are a handful of Jackie haters out there that get on forums and sow seeds of doubt. They sprinkle in a few praises of Jackie, then stick in the knives. Certainly, some shortcuts are taken when filming these specials, but I urge caution on believing some of the claims people make.


    • varnk
      Aug 29, 2014 @ 08:31:47

      Nobody here is questioning if Jackie really sang or not. I know she really does sing. We were only referring to the orchestra and the backup choir.


      • TBM
        Aug 29, 2014 @ 12:17:28

        Thank you for the clarification. I guess I misread some of the comments. I really have enjoyed your postings. I’m very excited to be going to the Greenville, SC. concert in February! This will be the first time I will be attending one of her concerts. I tried to go to a Charlotte concert once, but it was cancelled. I’m envious of you being able to attend so many. It must have been thrilling to see the progression of her voice in person over the past few years!

  5. Dennis
    Sep 11, 2014 @ 08:50:31

    It was a great show at a beautiful location. My wife, daughter and granddaughter were almost the last ones in. An usher said the producer likes your group and led us to the front row in the section to the left of the stage. What great seats for a first concert for my granddaughter. Buy the way, in the biginning when they were talking about the possibility of rain, I was the person who said “I took care of it”. Maby now everyone belives me.


    • Dennis
      Sep 11, 2014 @ 11:36:01

      Please excuse the typing errors. My fingers are not working well this morning.


    • varnk
      Sep 11, 2014 @ 14:26:48

      Thanks for the comments Dennis. I guess you are an example of “the last shall be first and the first shall be last.” – Mathew 20:16

      I can honestly say that being first in line did me absolutely no good. I sort of had a feeling that seating would be regulated by the producers. Good for you that they picked up on something that prompted them to put you and your family in front. You must be a handsome group!

      And, BTW there was something inside of me that also knew that it wouldn’t rain. I think a lot of us “took care of it” in our own way. 😉


      • Dennis
        Sep 11, 2014 @ 15:14:13

        I think it was my 4yr old granddaughter that got us noticed. I was expecting to be in the very back row however luck was with us that night. What a great experience for her first concert. My son-in-law used to sing with the choir that was there. They changed their rehersal days which conflicked with his other interests. My granddaughter dances at the same school the dancers were from and my daughter knows several of the people in the orchestra. I will see what I can find out about the live vs mimed controversy.

      • varnk
        Sep 11, 2014 @ 16:44:33

        Sounds like you have all the right connections. I will be interested to hear about what you find out.

  6. Dennis
    Sep 18, 2014 @ 13:40:45

    I did not forget you. My daughter has been busy, school teacher with two little ones, and has not spoken to anyone yet. I will let you know as soon as she talks to someone and gets some info.


  7. Anonymous
    Sep 19, 2014 @ 12:00:31

    (Sorry if this posts twice – I don’t think it went through the first time.)

    Hello there. I was in the orchestra that performed at this concert and I can tell you that we definitely WERE playing along with every song. We weren’t warming up by the time the audience was let in because we’d all been playing the music for a few hours already that day, in addition to several hours the night before during rehearsals. And we absolutely did tune, we just didn’t do a big formal “orchestral tuning” all together that’s typical of symphony concerts. (The pianist/conductor gave us an A and we tuned softly.) And yes, the humidity was awful. I had to re-tune my instrument a few times. (Again, very softly – we are good at doing this discreetly!)


    • varnk
      Sep 19, 2014 @ 13:10:28

      Thank you very much for your comments. Your first message did go through, but WordPress was having issues when I tried to approve it with the mobile app.

      I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the clarification that you provided. One thing that had led me to believe that the orchestra was miming is that on at least 2 re-takes it seemed as though the orchestral accompaniment stopped abruptly as you would expect from pressing the stop-button on a recording. I cannot remember exactly which songs this was on, but I do remember thinking that it seemed like it was a recording when I was in attendance. Perhaps you could clarify as to if there was a mix of prerecorded tracks in combination with the orchestra playing. The accompaniment sounded much fuller than the instrumentation that was on stage, but perhaps that was due to the sound system itself.

      I would like to extend my compliments for the excellent work that you and your fellow orchestra members did to accompany Jackie. The concert was spectacular!


  8. John Dean (@jd5189)
    Oct 02, 2014 @ 13:11:02

    My wife and I had a great time at this concert as well. It was our first Jackie concert. I remembered seeing her on AGT years ago, and when I got the email from Longwood we decided it would be a nice show. We arrived around 6 due to work/traffic. After we saw the ginormous line, we decided to grab a quick bite to eat at the cafe near the conservatory and made it back down to the line around 6:30 when they started letting everyone in.

    I, too, was getting nervous with the weather because they were carefully watching it in the main entry building when we entered and one of the employees said looking at the map, “This isn’t looking good”. We walked to the back of the very long line – it seriously felt like it stretched a good half-mile. A couple of times we felt a light rain waiting in the line and continued to wonder if the concert was going to happen.

    By the time we got into the theater area, there obviously was not much of a choice for seats. We decided to sit front row all the way to the left behind the cameras thinking, “We came here to hear her sing, so if all we can do is hear it will be worth it!” The theater was beautiful, as with anything in Longwood Gardens. Even their bathrooms in the conservatory are being voted for as being the nicest bathrooms in the U.S.!

    Right before the producer came on, a member of the production team asked if we wanted “better seats”. At this point, we figured, anything really had to be better and figured they didn’t want people sitting that close to the cameras for safety reasons. So we obliged and they ended up escorting us to the reserved seating (I think we were in the 3rd row from the stage at the center of the stage. We basically went from seeing nothing to having two of the best seats in the theater. We also had the blessing of sitting next to Jackie’s brothers and sister which we were very happy to chat with as they were extremely nice and humble! They never said they were her family, instead they were friends that just traveled with her for shows. A quick Google search after the show cleared up that my intuitions were correct and they were indeed her brothers and sister. It didn’t change anything, but added to the warmth of the show and the overall experience.

    Being that close, she was definitely singing! Definitely didn’t need a mic to hear that. The orchestra was definitely playing as well. One thing for those that are not experienced in playing in an orchestra, based on my experience in playing in one, when the conductor gives the “cut” signal, you stop playing immediately. By the time of a show, the music is mostly memorized and you are mostly watching the conductor for the rhythm. The sheet music is really just there as a slight reminder or if the orchestra needs to start somewhere in the middle to film another take. At one point in the show, when they wanted to do another take, the orchestra was trying to figure out exactly where the producers wanted them to start playing again.

    I questioned the chorus too. Personally, I didn’t hear much of anything from them. Then again, they could have been singing very low? Each time they appeared in the background I was waiting for them to sing which never happened from my perspective.

    As for the retake of Vocalise, I thought the same thing. That is a HARD song for even a talented vocalist to sing, she sang it effortlessly twice in a row.


    • varnk
      Oct 02, 2014 @ 14:23:56

      John. Thanks for the comments. What a great story you have there! Sounds like you had one of the best seats in the house! Third row and seats next to Jackie’s family. What a treat that must have been!

      I’ve received plenty of confirmation that the orchestra was indeed playing (including a post here from one of the orchestra members). It was hard to tell from where I was sitting, but I do believe that they were also playing with a pre-recorded track because some of the instrumentation on the songs was not in the orchestra. When some of the re-takes were done I could see the music director reach down to turn off the audio track. I understand that an orchestra must stop when a conductor gives a cutoff, but I believe the music director also had to stop the recording too. The orchestra probably stopped on the cutoff before the pre-recorded track was stopped, thus that may be why I heard such an abrupt stop of the music.

      Since you were up-close, perhaps you could clarify if Jackie sang Vocalise the second time or if she lip-synced it. I’ve heard from some people that they thought she lip-synced it the second time to save her voice since the retake was basically done because of the wardrobe issue with the dancers. It is nothing against Jackie if she did indeed lip-sync it on the second retake. That is an extremely demanding song and I would much rather she save her voice than to unnecessarily sing it again


  9. chrysostom57
    Oct 02, 2014 @ 18:09:47

    Thanks for the review and setlist! I was so shocked and excited when I found out Jackie was covering Memories, and the cover did not disappoint. Here’s the original, one of my favorite music videos:

    If you’re interested, other beautiful ballads by WT are “Somewhere” and “Pale.” Of their rock songs, some of my favorites are “Jillian (I’d Give My Heart),” “Our Solemn Hour,” and “Stand My Ground.” The amazing “Black Symphony” concert was recorded with a live orchestra and choir. Here it is on YouTube:


    • varnk
      Oct 05, 2014 @ 19:08:45

      Those are some amazing videos. I have seen the video of Memories before, but never seen Black Symphony. Quite spectacular!


      • chrysostom57
        Oct 05, 2014 @ 19:16:43

        Cool, glad you liked it. 🙂 I still hope orchestral music (outside film scores) will someday be as successful in America as it is in Europe, especially among the youth.

      • varnk
        Oct 05, 2014 @ 19:30:55

        I agree. Perhaps Jackie will be at the forefront of paving the way for this with her upcoming concerts. I know they are trying some new things for Awakening. It might not be as elaborate as the video you supplied, but if anyone can change the way people view classical music, I am sure Jackie can. Hopefully she will attract a younger generation to this music too.

      • chrysostom57
        Oct 05, 2014 @ 20:05:54

        Agreed. Well, that’s fine, since there’s really no need for anything added when Jackie is singing…. 🙂

  10. Tom Vandenberg
    Oct 07, 2014 @ 20:48:55

    That was an excellent write-up of your experience. Very professional and informative, yet also appropriately emotional. Thank you!


  11. Geewhy
    Nov 29, 2014 @ 19:22:36

    I just watched a part of the concert on PBS and perhaps it was the way that the production ended up, because there were definitely some instances in which Jackie’s singing and even a few verbal comments did not line up with the mouth movements. It appears from the notes above that there were some retakes, so it could be possible that the attempts to blend the show had a few rough spots. There are some people who have no problem paying to see Brittney Spears sing along with a track because she is engaged in heavy dancing, but in my opinion there are enough folks who can either do both (Pink?) or have enough sense to minimize the movement in order to let their craft shine through. As a young new-ish performer, I wish Miss Evancho the best and encourage her to stay true to her talent.


  12. Ken
    Dec 01, 2014 @ 15:55:23

    I thought Jackie looked a little overweight. I saw a bit of skin hanging under her chin and her arms looked fleshy. I hope she controls her weight. Right now, he is a beautiful girl; I hope she doesn’t become the “fat lady” we hear about that sing operas. But her voice will be fine just the same. But I would prefer the she stay trim.


    • varnk
      Dec 01, 2014 @ 18:46:07

      Keep in mind that on the day of the concert the temperature was in the 80s with 90% humidity. That is probably why she appeared that way to you. Also, she is 14 now and is growing up and will appear bigger than when she was a little girl. Take it from me, Jackie is not overweight.


  13. Anonymous
    Dec 09, 2014 @ 07:35:31

    Great review Ken. It was an epic day. What hasn’t been mentions as far as I can tell, is that the day before there was a full rehearsal at the Open Air Stage. Employees and volunteers, I believe were invited to attend, and had to be told to stop coming as it got too crowded. This was a big deal for the Gardens. I believe some of those performances were used for the DVD as well as the day we attended. We have no idea how they put the final product together, but they did a great job. I also found out they had 9 cameras for the shoot, including a cameraman who worked at the Superbowl last year. And my favorite part of the finished product is Jackie playing and singing My Immortal. And Memories is sung by a Dutch Symphonic Metal group, Within Temptation whose singer is a mezzo-soprano singer. 1st time i heard it sung live by Jackie it brought goose bumps and the hair on the back of my neck stood up.It was a huge hit back


    • varnk
      Dec 09, 2014 @ 08:43:04

      Thank you for the comments. I had heard about the dress rehearsal the night before the concert. I am sure that was done just in-case there were any issues with the actual performance day, especially with the weather. However, I think the performance went off very well on the day of the concert. I received my copy of the DVD yesterday and it appears that most of the songs on the DVD are from the day of the concert. There are some off-stage scenes that were likely shot earlier in the week. There is an opening scene with Jackie running through the gardens that were shot the day of the concert. I talked with a few fans who got to see this being filmed. Unfortunately I was in another part of the gardens at the time and so I missed it. BTW, the DVD is outstanding!


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  15. Angela Mares
    May 18, 2015 @ 16:25:33

    I love your review. I was at the Pbs taping too. It was a really great experience and Jackie sang so good. You are right about seating. I was in the back of the line and I somehow got seated in second row in the reserved seating right by the stage.


    • VarnK
      May 18, 2015 @ 21:10:58

      Thanks for the message Angela! I guess we were at two extreme opposite ends of the line. lol! Although I didn’t get a seat as close as I had hoped, I still was in a good spot and somehow the camera found me several times in the audience when I watched the PBS special on TV, so that was a nice unexpected surprise.


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